Monday, June 29, 2015

Links To Political News Columns...

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Obama Turns Eulogy Into Liberal Policy Speech

Coalition Of Black Pastors Threatens Civil Disobedience Over Gay Marriage

Judge Orders Brady Center To Pay Legal Fees Of Ammo Co.After Nuisance Suit

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Feds Have Credible Threat Of ISIS Attacks On Fourth Of July

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tactical Firearms - Controversial Signs

Tactical Firearms in Texas is no stranger to funny yet controversial signs. For the past year, the gun range based in Houston has displayed some hilarious messages posted on their marquee outside the store.

Blog Author's Comments - It is surprising to me that the Justice Department has not come after the range owner because of his signs aimed at the Democrats and the Obama administration. But it could still happen.

Monday, June 22, 2015

AP Publishes Images Of Gun Pointed At Ted Cruz's Head

TR -- This is probably a simple oversight.

At a Second Amendment event in Iowa this weekend, the Associated Press published a series of pictures showing a gun pointing at the head of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). The event was the "Celebrate the Second Amendment" in Johnston, Iowa.

After social media lit-up over the pictures, the AP released this statement:

"Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was shown in a series of 14 photos taken by an Associated Press photographer at a 'Celebrate the 2nd Amendment' event Saturday afternoon, held at a shooting range in Johnston, Iowa. Five of the photos published by AP included images of guns seen on a wall in the background so that it appeared a pistol was pointed at Sen. Cruz’s head. The images were not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light".

The media has a double standard on gun related imagery. Accusations were quick to come following the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, including speculation that Sarah Palin's group Sarah PAC may have been to blame for using "crosshairs" on her website to show "targeted" districts for political races.

Can anyone think of an instance where the mainstream media "accidentally" published a picture like this with a Democrat politician?
Blog Author's Comments - Does anyone besides the Democrats and liberals believe this was accidental? A professional photographer didn't just coincidentally end up with a picture like this, he chose his angle and the background deliberately. Can anyone imagine a photo like this with Obama or Hillary Clinton replacing Ted Cruz? It would never happen. The AP Photographer would have been fired immediately.

The liberal AP jumped at yet another occasion to show their hatred and contempt for the Republican Party and presidential candidate Ted Cruz. They sunk to the low level of liberal journalism those on the right have come to expect from them.

Friday, June 19, 2015

ObamaCare - 10,535 Pages Reduced To 4 Sentences

1. In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to uninsure the insured.

2. Next, we require the newly uninsured to be re-insured.

3. To re-insure the newly uninsured, they are required to pay extra charges to be re-insured.

4. The extra charges are required so that the original insured, who became uninsured, and then became re-insured, can pay enough extra so that the original uninsured can be insured, so it will be ‘free-of-charge’ to them.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called "redistribution of wealth” or, by its more common name, SOCIALISM.
Blog Author's Comments - Obamacare has ruined the lives of many Americans. Barack Hussein Obama is the absolute worst President in the history of our country.

The above four sentences is a great summary by a Notre Dame Univ. engineer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An Identity Crisis For Many

Blog Author's Comments - An identity crisis for many but perhaps not for the liberals.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Airport Full Body Scan Status Report 2014 - We Are A Lot Safer

Blog Author's Comments - With regard to the politicians those who pay attention to politics already knew that.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Detroit Woman Fights Off Five Home Invaders With Handgun

Truth Revolt - The Washington Times reports that a Detroit woman​ drove off five male intruders from her home at 2 a.m. Tuesday with her personal handgun, which she obtained after her home was robbed three years ago.

Ms. Dee was shot in the leg in the exchange of gunfire, but she said one of them was likely hit:

I was able to get to my gun. They didn’t know I had it. By that time, it was just gunfire. We are regular people. We work every day. Me and my fiancĂ©, we work every day. We don’t do drugs. We don’t do none of that.

Ms. Dee, a cancer survivor, told a local news station that God keeps helping her though life-threatening situations.

“I told the nurse and the doctor that I think I’m a cat, because I keep just going through stuff and God keeps pulling me through it,” she said.

Her brother Corey had a blunt message for home invaders contemplating any funny business in the future:

If you break into our home, we’re going to kill you.
Blog Author's Comments - This woman is an example of a gun saving a life, good for her. I imagine all the leftists and the many who despise the NRA would not like this story. Good work Ms. Dee. Another example of having a gun and not needing it than to need a gun and not have it. In this case Ms. Dee needed one and was able to use it to protect her life. The money she spent for the gun was a good investment.

It's surprising that this story hit any of the news wires. This is the left's nightmare, an armed private citizen protecting herself and property with a firearm.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Political Videos - Bill O'Reilly, Ted Cruz, The Clintons And Marco Rubio...

Bill O'Reilly On America's Race Problem

Ted Cruz: If I Were Elected Reporters
Would Check Themselves Into Therapy

Mark Halpern: Clintons Have "Created A Lot Of Doubts And
Annoyance" Among Democrats With Their Questionable Actions

"Morning Joe" Crew Mocks New York Times' Pathetic
Hit-Piece On Marco Rubio's 24-Foot "Luxury Speedboat"

Monday, June 8, 2015

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Obama: We Don't Have A Complete Strategy Against ISIS Yet

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House Defunds Obama's Attempt At Back Door Gun Control

Judge Tosses Out NYC Teachers' Exam Because Of Racial Bias

Sheriff Joe: Democrats Using Illegals For Votes

Friday, June 5, 2015

Hillary Wants Automatic Voter Regisration

While giving a speech on voting rights, Hillary Clinton called for "automatic voter registration" because Republicans are seeking to suppress the vote of anti-GOP groups.

“What is happening is a sweeping effort to disempower and disenfranchise people of color, poor people and young people from one end of our country to the other,” the Democratic presidential candidate said during a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston.

In order to combat this "suppression," every American should simply be registered to vote as soon as they reach the voting age.

“Every citizen in every state in the union should be automatically registered when they turn 18, unless they actively choose to opt out,” Clinton said.

Hillary referenced efforts by Republicans to institute voter ID laws as ways to discourage voters to turnout at the polls.

How about if you don't care enough to register to vote, you probably shouldn't be voting?

Republicans who support voter ID say they want a system to prevent voting fraud. "Among the Republicans whom Clinton singled out: current or prospective presidential candidates Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, all of whom are or were state governors."
Blog Author's Comments - Will Hillary Clinton tell us what the Democrats have actually done to improve the lives of the poor and many blacks? The Democrats want a voting base they can count on. And what is the problem with a voter identification card for everyone? How does a voter ID suppress the vote of the blacks?

With an automatic voter registration the voter fraud will continue. I say either one has a voter ID card or if not they are not allowed to vote. I believe 'automatic voter registration' is a very bad idea but, of course, it will benefit the Democrats. The ironic thing is everyone who attended her speech had to show a picture ID before entering. Somehow the media doesn't feel that this is contradictory.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Colombo Has A Question...

Now let me see if I have this right

There is no guidance or discipline in the home. The family situation is so unstable, 'Junior' doesn't even know where or to whom to send a Father's Day card. Junior gets dumped into the education system where he is socially promoted because the overwhelmed school district can't deal with the undisciplined derelict. Junior's major formative influences are 'gangsta' rap videos and a corresponding peer group of gangsta wannabes.

At age 18, Junior is turned loose on society carrying a bad attitude, a broken moral compass, no respect for authority, and maybe even a gun. Junior then gets himself in big trouble with the law and meets dire consequences. And the situation diagnosis by the liberals and their media supporters is that the police need more training and understanding? Pardon me for asking, but do you really believe this bull$hit?
Blog Author's Comments - I do believe this is what is happening in society today. Until many young kids receive the right guidance from their parents or parent the problems most larger cities now have will continue. And I don't see that the situation will change in the foreseeable future.