Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Official: Obama Takes Sides In Ferguson

Truth Revolt -- Any pretense that President Obama would let justice take its course in Ferguson, MO without his use of the bully pulpit of the presidency to influence or sway events on the ground has been completely thrown out the window.

Saturday night, Obama firmly "took sides" in the Michael Brown case during a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Obama called the shooting an event that exposed the racial divide in America and "scars the hearts of our children."

Fox News reports on Obama's speech and quotes the President using language that could easily be part of an Al Sharpton monologue on MSNBC:

"In too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement. Too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement -- guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness."

As the Washington Times points out, President Obama then tried to pretend that he would not take a stand on the ongoing investigation, even though he had just referred to the shooting of Brown as an example of "young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement -- guilty of walking while black or driving while black."

"At the president’s speech in Washington, the audience included the parents of Mr. Brown, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., whose agency is conducting a probe to determine whether the slain teen’s civil rights were violated. Mr. Obama said because of the continuing probe, “I won’t comment on the investigation.”

"But he added, “We have to close the justice gap — how justice is applied, but also how it is perceived, how it is experienced. That’s what we saw in Ferguson this summer when Michael Brown was killed and the community was divided.”

"Mr. Obama said there are “significant racial disparities” in the criminal justice system “in everything from enforcing drug policy to applying the death penalty to pulling people over.”

The remarks are in stark contrast to what the President said in a press conference during the week of rioting in Ferguson following the shooting:

"This is not an argument that there isn’t real crime out there and that law enforcement doesn’t have a difficult job. And you know, that they -- you know, they have to be honored and respected for the danger and difficulty of law enforcement. But what is also true is that given the history of this country, where we can make progress in building up more confidence, more trust, making sure that our criminal justice system is acutely aware of the possibilities of disparities in treatment, there are safeguards in place to avoid those disparities where, you know, training and assistance is provided to local law enforcement who, you know, may just need more information in order to avoid potential disparity."
Blog author's comments - Obama said, "too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement -- guilty of walking while black or driving while black. Obama called the shooting an event that exposed the racial divide in America and scars the hearts of our children."

It is quite obvious whose side Obama is on. Many of these "young men of color" are out of control in most medium to large cities and it appears the problem is growing worse. The police have to do their job but are chastised if they use force. What good have all the government programs including welfare done for many of these people?

Yes, there were poor people before welfare but welfare has created a permanent underclass who have no motivation to improve themselves because they believe it's white society's fault they are in their situation and white society's responsibility to take care of them. I don't see that what is happening will ever change and it seems to me that since Barak Obama has been in office the problem has become worse.

Obama implies that Michael Brown was shot for no reason, or that the reason was racism. Yet he does not know the facts of the case, because the facts have yet to be made public. Nevertheless, he inserts himself and the office of the presidency into the matter and brings shame and disrepute upon both.

Protesters were back out in the streets in Ferguson, Missouri Sunday night (Sept. 28). Authorities said eight people were arrested outside the Ferguson Police Department, as part of the latest round of protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown. The arrests came one night after a Ferguson police officer was shot in the arm.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Harvard Gives Student Full Ride After He Tells Them He's An Illegal Immigrant

Breitbart -- When Dario Guerrero, an illegal immigrant who found out about his status in high school, told Harvard that he was in the country illegally, the school encouraged him to apply--and gave him a full scholarship after he was accepted.

Writing in the Washington Post, Guerrero, who is currently a junior at the university, said after an MIT official recommended that he not apply to the school during a trip to visit college, he "left the office in a daze" because MIT had been his dream school. He started walking down Massachusetts Avenue" and, "without really planning it, I found myself in the middle of Harvard." A Harvard admissions officer told him, "If you are admitted to Harvard College, we will meet your full financial need without regard to your legal status.”

He eventually got in, and "they gave me a full ride. This meant I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans or quarterly tuition payments; that I always had a place to stay away from home; that I could travel every semester, on Harvard’s dime, back to California; that my parents would never have to worry whether I’d finish school. Those are luxuries few people, documented or not, ever have."

"I used to think that being undocumented was a disadvantage to me. I used to mourn the fact that I was different," the current junior wrote. "But ultimately I realize that it was because of, not in spite of, my identity — as an undocumented Chicano — that I was been able to do what I did. Being something different in the socioeconomic fabric of the United States gave me the perspective I have."

Guerrero revealed that he was a junior in high school when he realized he was an illegal immigrant. A community college where he was taking extra courses called him and informed him that "the Social Security number I had provided to receive college credit did not match my name, and if I couldn’t provide a valid number, I’d have to pay almost $2,000 for the classes I’d taken." When he asked his parents why his Social Security number had been rejected, they told him in Spanish, "Son, we overstayed our visa when you were three. You don’t have a social security number.”

"So much of what had happened to me finally made sense. I’d never really needed a Social Security number before El Camino, and whenever I asked if I could visit family in Mexico, my parents told me I had to wait for my 'papers' to sort themselves out with the government," he wrote. "The few times I asked if I could get a job, my father took me with him to sweep the floors on his construction sites."

Guerrero says he tells other illegal immigrants that "the opportunity to one day join the 6.2 percent of the high school students Harvard admits,[...] is worth crossing the border for."

Blog author's comments - An illegal gets a free ride from Harvard, is this a great country or what? Dario Guerrero may be a future Democratic president of the United States. I guess we ran out of deserving, hard working, qualified citizens and or legal residents that earned the distinctions necessary to be rewarded from the Harvard scholarship endowment funds. There's something seriously wrong with this. The less you and your family put into this society, the more you deserve to take out? It violates too many laws, everything from the U.S. legal system, to economic reality.

Either American citizenship means something or it doesn't. Apparently to the far left Harvard University, citizenship means nothing. It's all about taking the liberal/progressive actions which make them feel good about themselves. Harvard has always been thought of as a prestigious college. It's a private school and they have the authority to admit and charge anyone whatever they want, the unfortunate thing is that in this case what they're doing is illegal and violates the immigration laws. A deserving American citizen lost a scholarship because this one was given to an illegal alien. I think Harvard alumni should be thinking long and hard about giving money to this school.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More False Statements By The Obama Administration And Others...

Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if Republicans win the Senate.
--Nancy Pelosi

Clinton has already done more to get to the bottom [of what occurred in Benghazi] than any of the Republicans who will be attacking her in the coming weeks.
--David Brock

ISIL is not Islamic, no religion condones the killing of innocents.
--Barack Obama

I wasn't specifically referring to ISIL.
--Barack Obama on his assertion that ISIS is a JV team

The economy is clearly moving in the right direction.
--Labor Secretary Thomas Perez

Republicans in Congress love to say 'no.' Those are just facts, they're facts of life. They say 'no' to everything.
--President Obama

What's clear is: we have a comprehensive strategy for dealing with ISIL.
--Josh Earnest

[Immigration reform] is a matter of justice for those who contribute so much to the development of the American society.
--President of Mexico Nieto

Our borders are not open to illegal immigration.
--Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security secretary

It's pretty hard to find an economic measure where we're not significantly better off.
--Barack Obama

The facts could not be more clear. The United States of America has never been more engaged in helping to lead in more places than we are now.
--John Kerry

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Muslim Activist To President Obama: Stop Telling Us What Is Islamic

Truth Revolt -- Megyn Kelly interviewed American Muslim Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, who had a strong message for President Obama and his administration: "Stop telling us Muslims what is Islamic!

President Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and other prominent representatives of Obama's administration have been repeating the line ad nauseum that the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state. Their friends the press have played these clips over and over, their parrots on MSNBC have repeated the line incessantly, and on down the line it goes to blogs and Twitter. ISIS is not Islamic. Dr. Zuhdi strongly disagrees.

"Please, if anybody in this administration is listening, stop telling us Muslims what is Islamic. I mean, so he's saying this is compounding the sin? How about when he shakes and hugs the king of Saudi Arabia for their being custodians of the Holy Mosque and yet they have imprisoned apostates, liberals Muslims. They're a mysogynistic nation that treats their women as third class citizens. Or the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, or the Islamic Republican of Iran. Hundreds of millions of Muslims running governments all over the world that line their prisons and torture Christians and Jews and Muslims, that's Islamic? And ISIS came out of thin air? ISIS is a by-product of those ideologies. And to deny it and dismiss it, they're trying to bury us reformers from having a seat at the table."

Entire column...
Blog author's comments - There's probably a large frown in the Oval Office now, or perhaps on the golf course. Strong words by Dr. Jasser, it is too bad more Muslims in America don't feel the same way and express it. Looks like Dr. Jasser is telling the administration what it doesn't want to hear, and as usual they won't listen. I wonder if they even know who he is and if they do, don't care what he has to say. So far he is about the only one that has said what needs to be said, especially to Obama and his entire administration.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bumper Stickers Of The Week & Hope N' Change Cartoons...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Political Headlines, Columns and Videos…

U.S. Government Funding Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic, Anti-American School Programs

Ferguson City Council Meeting: "If Darren Wilson Get Off, It's Going Down"!

Obama Refuses To Attend Opening Of D.C. Memorial Dedicated To Disabled Veterans

Pelosi: Democrats Never Treated Bush The Way Republicans Treat Obama

Obama Uses Navy Yard Shooting Anniversary To Call For More Gun Control

Krauthammer On ISIS Strategy: Looks Like The President Is Just Making It Up As He Goes Along

Eric Holder Really Doesn't Want Fast And Furious Documents Released

Billion Dollar Obamacare Contractor Process
Only A Fraction Of Projected Applications

Report: State Department Official Claims They
Destroyed Benghazi Documents To Protect Hillary Clinton

CBS News: "57% Of Americans" Believe Obama Is
"Not Being Tough Enough" In Dealing With ISIS Terrorists

Rush Limbaugh: Liberalism Is 'Brute
Force' Bullying, Intimidation, Threat

Benghazi Victim Family Member: "Hillary Clinton",
Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, You're All Liars"

Monday, September 15, 2014

U.S. Denies Threatening James Foley's
Family To Keep Them From Paying Ransom

Marie Harf Deputy Spokesperson For U.S. Department of State

Breitbart -- The U.S. government is denying accusations that James Foley's family was threatened with retaliation if they paid the ransom ISIS requested to secure the American journalist's freedom.

On September 11 James Foley's mother, Diane, told CNN"s Anderson Cooper that she was "embarrassed and appalled" by the way the Obama administration handled "her son's case." She said, "I think our efforts to get Jim freed were an annoyance" to the government and securing his freedom "didn't seem to be in the (U.S.) strategic interest, if you will."

Diane also said U.S. officials told her family "not to go to the media." She said the family was also told "many times" that raising ransom was "illegal" and could lead to "prosecution." reports that Secretary of State John Kerry was "really taken aback" by Diane's statements. Kerry said he was "totally unaware and would not condone" threatening statements towards the Foley family from anyone in the State Department.

Kerry's spokeswoman Marie Harf said the State Department tried "to help the family understand what our laws are about" as regards "paying ransom to terrorists." She added: "This department would never, and did not ever intend to, nor do we think we ever did anything that we would consider threatening."

On September 12, White House spokesman Josh Earnest responded by saying the administration had stayed "in regular touch with the Foley family" throughout the crisis leading up to James' beheading. According to AFP, Earnest said President Obama had availed himself of "every tool at [his] disposal" to secure Foley's freedom.

He said questions "about whether the Foleys would have been prosecuted had they attempted to pay a ransom" should be directed to the Justice Department.

Blog author's comments - So we are supposed to believe the Foley family is not telling the truth and we should trust the Obama administration? John Kerry's spokeswoman Marie Harf said the State Department tried "to help the family understand what our laws are about"... sure, a corrupt State Department explaining "what our laws are about"...what could go wrong with that? Apparently anyone with an Obama government horror story is a liar? I believe the Foley family and I don't know how they are dealing with what happened to James Foley.

Brother Of James Foley Tells Fox News
Government 'Threatened' Him Over Ransom Bid

Friday, September 12, 2014

Football Team Forced To Remove Christian Crosses From Helmets

Fox News -- Football players at Arkansas State University were ordered to either remove a Christian cross decal from their helmets or modify it into a mathematical sign after a Jonesboro attorney complained that the image violated the U.S. Constitution.

The cross decal was meant to memorialize former player Markel Owens and former equipment manager Barry Weyer, said athletic director Terry Mohajir. Weyer was killed in a June car crash. Owens was gunned down in Tennessee in January.

Barry Weyer, Sr., told me that the players and coaches voluntarily decided to memorialize his son and Owens.

“The players knew they were both Christians so they decided to use the cross along with their initials,” he said. “They wanted to carry the spirits of Markel and Barry Don onto the field for one more season.”

It was a decision that had the full support of the university’s athletic director.

“I support our students’ expression of their faith,” Mohajir said. “I am 100 percent behind our students and coaches.”

However, the athletic director said he had no choice but to remove the crosses after he received a message from the university’s legal counsel.

“It is my opinion that the crosses must be removed from the helmets,” University counsel Lucinda McDaniel wrote to Mohajir. “While we could argue that the cross with the initials of the fallen student and trainer merely memorialize their passing, the symbol we have authorized to convey that message is a Christian cross.”

According to documents provided to me by Arkansas State, McDaniel gave the football team a choice – they could either remove the cross or modify the decal. And by modify – she meant deface.

“If the bottom of the cross can be cut off so that the symbol is a plus sign (+) there should be no problem,” she wrote. “It is the Christian symbol which has caused the legal objection.”

The team had been wearing the decals for two weeks without any complaints. That changed after last Saturday’s nationally televised game against the Tennessee Volunteers.

Entire column...
Blog author's comments - So a liberal lawyer was upset by the small crosses the players were wearing in memory of a former player and a former equipment manager who both died this year. The lawyer "complained that the image violated the U.S. Constitution." Freedom of expression, whatever happened to it? It seems only to exist within the ranks of liberals, civil rights leaders who constantly stir the pot of racism and the protesters who burn, loot and destroy things.

Obviously football players, coaches and teams are out of control. The AG Eric Holder needs to investigate this immediately, and the government needs to take over and regulate all sports (sarcasm). I am not a particularly religious person but this is a bit over the top. This liberal lawyer has too much time on his hands. And don't anyone say, do or display anything which will upset someone of the Islamic faith, the so called religion of peace.

Forcing the removal of the image from the players' helmets is another example of why our nation is deteriorating. I recently saw another news column where a fire Chief sent four firemen home because they had the gall to put decals of the American flag on their lockers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Democrat Senate Hopes Sinking Fast Thanks To Obama

Breitbart -- According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, the growing unpopularity of Barack Obama and concern for the nation's future are crushing any hope Democrats may have had to hold onto the Senate in November's midterm elections.

The poll "found a larger share of Americans think the country is on the wrong track than at any previous midterm election in the past 20 years. Mr. Obama's approval rating—40%—is lower than that of former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at this stage of their own midterm meltdowns in 2006 and 1994, when both suffered significant losses in Congress".

Republicans are polling better than Democrats on a host of issues including the key areas such as the economy and immigration.

"The news is not good for Democrats," said Democratic pollster Fred Yang, who conducts the Journal poll with Republican Bill McInturff. "It's hard to sugarcoat these findings, which herald a tough election."

One data point from the poll has 54% of voters trusting the GOP on national defense, while only 16% of voters trust the Democrats.

As world events overtake domestic political fights, Mr. Obama's stature on that front continues to slump. He hit a new low in how Americans view his handling of foreign policy, with 32% approving and 62% disapproving. The biggest drop-off occurred among women and fellow Democrats.

The poll, which was conducted Sept. 3-7, overlapped with news that members of the Islamic State beheaded a second American journalist. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.
Blog author's comments - This is simply another poll. I am not yet convinced the Republican Party will win the Senate. There are only a few conservatives among their ranks who I think have done the right things to win. The GOP, if they win the Senate and maintain control of the House in 2014 is winning the battle but, getting a Republican in as president in 2016 is winning the war.

Between '14 and '16 if the RINO's and Republican establishment do not work with the conservatives they won't have a chance in 2016. We still have too many of the 'old guard' in the Republican Party who dominate Party policy and want to continue what they have been doing for years. Until this stops it will be politics as usual within the GOP.

'Poison Pill': How Republicans Could Nullify Obama's Executive Action On Immigration

Monday, September 8, 2014

Videos Featuring Barack Obama, Liberals and Blacks Out Of Control...

Greta Van Susteren: Obama WH Called Me To
Pressure Fox Reporter To Stop Benghazi Coverage

Nixon Insider Roger Stone: Obama
Does More Illegal Stuff Than Nixon Did

Bob Beckel: "Climate Change" A Much
Larger Threat To The U.S. Than ISIS

Gun Shop Ordered By NY State Police To Turn
Over Customer Records Or Face A Swat Raid

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Never Serious
About Amnesty Unless GOP Gets Blamed

It Begins Again - "Justice For Mike Brown" Attacks –
Springfield Missouri Black Mob Attacks White Couple

Large Black Mob Assaults, Knocks Out White
Kroger Employee In Memphis,Tennessee

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Justice Department To Probe Ferguson Police Force

Washington Post -- Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. this week will launch a broad civil rights investigation into the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department, according to two federal law enforcement officials.

The investigation, which could be announced as early as Thursday afternoon, will be conducted by the Justice Department’s civil rights division and follow a process similar to that used to investigate complaints of profiling and the use of excessive force in other police departments across the country, the officials said.

The move follows the shooting last month of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American, by a white Ferguson police officer who claimed he acted in self-defense. Brown, who was unarmed, was shot at least six times on the afternoon of Aug. 9.

Holder’s decision will represent the Obama administration’s most aggressive step to address the Ferguson shooting, which set off days of often-violent clashes between police and demonstrators in the streets of the St. Louis suburb.

The federal officials said the probe will look not only at Ferguson but also at other police departments in St. Louis County. Some, like Ferguson, are predominantly white departments serving majority-African-American communities, and at least one department invited the Justice Department to look at its practices. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the pending inquiry.

The investigation is in addition to a Justice Department probe into whether Officer Darren Wilson, who fired the fatal shots, violated Brown’s civil rights. The new probe will look more broadly at whether the department employed policies and practices that resulted in a pattern of civil rights violations.

Entire column...
Blog author's comments - Barack Obama working hand-in-hand with Eric Holder has to make the looters, arsonists and racists believe he's doing something for them. Does anyone believe Holder's investigation will be totally unbiased? With all the politics attached to this case, there's little chance that justice will be served.

The more information that is brought out into the light, the more it looks like a justifiable police shooting. But, Michael Brown was black and Darren Wilson is a white police officer, so the Obama regime automatically believes this is a racial issue. Its politics period and the Democrats are attempting to use this shooting to push the black voters to the polls for the upcoming Congressional elections. Holder will "launch a broad civil rights investigation into the Ferguson, Mo., Police Department." Obama and Holder's thinking is that the evidence is in favor of Officer Wilson so it must be due to a wider pattern of white supremacy. Once again, the Democrats never let a crisis go to waste.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Political News Headlines and Columns...

Obama Plays Politics: Considers Delaying Executive Immigration Action Until After Midterms

Reminders Of Obama's Policies Could Be Toxic For Democrats In Battleground States

Cruz, Perry: Change Is Coming In 2016

Unions Open Their Coffers As Senate Teeters

ISIS Beheads American Reporter Steven Sotloff

Poll: 63% Oppose Obama's Executive Order On Amnesty

Dear Liberals: Sorry, But Obama's Incompetence Is Putting Us At Risk Of A Terrorist Attack

Department Of Justice Sued Business For 'Citizenship-Discrimination'

Monday, September 1, 2014

At Risk In Senate, Democrats Seek To Rally Blacks

NY Times -- With their Senate majority imperiled, Democrats are trying to mobilize African-Americans outraged by the shooting in Ferguson, Mo., to help them retain control of at least one chamber of Congress for President Obama’s final two years in office.

In black churches and on black talk radio, African-American civic leaders have begun invoking the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, along with conservative calls to impeach Mr. Obama, as they urge black voters to channel their anger by voting Democratic in the midterm elections, in which minority turnout is typically lower.

“Ferguson has made it crystal clear to the African-American community and others that we’ve got to go to the polls,” said Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia and a civil-rights leader. “You participate and vote, and you can have some control over what happens to your child and your country.”

The push is an attempt to counter Republicans’ many advantages in this year’s races, including polls that show Republican voters are much more engaged in the elections at this point — an important predictor of turnout.

Mr. Lewis is headlining efforts to mobilize black voters in several states with competitive Senate races, including Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina. The drive is being organized by the Congressional Black Caucus, in coordination with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Other steps, such as recruiting N.B.A. players to help register more African-Americans, are also underway.

Entire column...
Blog author's comments - Attempting to use the Ferguson shooting to push the blacks to the polls for the midterm elections is just a small part of the Democratic Party play book...never let a crisis go to waste. I hope the blacks enjoy Obama's immigration edicts because they'll be the first to feel them. But the large majority of blacks that do go to the polls in 2014 will vote for the Democratic candidates.

Lyndon Johnson's name is often omitted from discussions about our nation's worst President even though his War on Poverty was like throwing gasoline on a fire. Instead of shrinking poverty, it has consumed every large city in America. All the money and entitlements given to the unemployed does not seem to have helped many of the people living in poverty find their way out and create a life of their own without the help of the government. When are the blacks going to realize they are being used?