Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Rush Limbaugh: "The Country is Hanging
by a Thread": Democrats Need to be Defeated

Mark Levin Excoriates House GOP, Chris Christie
for Helping Divert Attention From Obama's Scandals

Krauthammer: Obama Acts Like "He's been out of the
Country for Five Years;" "It's His Economy - He's the President"

Rush Limbaugh Interviews
Sen. Mike Lee on Defunding ObamaCare

Monday, July 29, 2013

Obama's Vacation On Martha's Vineyard At $7.6 Million Private Resort

Washington Examiner -- The Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard, the exclusive playground for presidents and their families, is about to get its annual summer infusion of cash and attention as President Obama and his family prepare to arrive August 10 for an eight-day vacation.

Local reports indicate that the first family will likely be staying at a $7.6 million resort home on southern edge of the island in the town of Chilmark where homes feature water access to Chilmark Pond, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Staying at the home of Chicago corporate finance manager David Schulte is a break from past Obama vacations because the $21 million home they've rented, Blue Heron Farm, isn't available. Schulte's summer home sits on nine and a half acres, has ocean views and a basketball court.[...]

While the president typically keeps to himself and carries with him only a handful of staffers to Martha's Vineyard, security will be tight. As in the past, the Wesley Hotel in Oak Bluffs will house security and communications officials. The owner told the Vineyard Gazette that the Secret Service has booked 70 rooms and another five have been reserved for the Transportation Security Agency. Rates at the hotel run from $225-$345.

Also, telephone and communications lines are being installed on the island for the president's use.
Blog author's comments - Many families cannot afford a vacation, many can't buy their first home, college graduates cannot find a good paying job. And what does Obama do...give another speech on how his plan for an economic recovery is working to help the middle class but says he could do so much more if it were not for the Republicans who refuse to work with him. Then he and his family take another high price vacation paid for by the taxpayers. But yet the White House is still closed to the people, unemployment is very high, and poverty is on the increase.

Obama In 2009 - Everyone must sacrifice...Everybody must have some skin in the game
Apparently he thinks everyone must sacrifice except for the Obama family.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Obama Promises to Push Beyond 'Executive Authority'

Bizpac Review -- Does this president understand limits?

During a largely empty speech on the economy Wednesday (not even bootlicking USA Today thought it was front-page material in the print edition), President Obama vowed to use pretty much every power the Constitution gives him – and some it doesn’t – to have his way outside the democratic process.

“In this effort, I will look to work with Republicans as well as Democrats wherever I can. ...But I will not allow gridlock, inaction, or willful indifference to get in our way,” Obama said at Knox College in Illinois, according to the Daily Caller.

“Whatever executive authority I have to help the middle class, I’ll use it.”

(By the way, does anyone remember way back in 2009 when the then-new president appointed Vice President Joe Biden chairman of the White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families? There was a press release about it and everything. It even released its first annual report, back in 2010. There hasn’t been a second.)

The Daily Caller said it’s “unclear how Obama will push his economic plan through executive actions.”

But Obama made it pretty clear how he intends to try.

“Where I can’t act on my own, and Congress isn’t cooperating, I’ll pick up the phone and call CEOs, and philanthropists, and college presidents — anybody who can help — and enlist them in our efforts,” Obama said.

“Where I can’t act on my own” means when the constitutional limits on executive power have been pushed to the breaking point. “Congress isn’t cooperating” means pesky voters have elected representatives who don’t like the direction the president wants to take the country and are doing their duty to oppose it.

Obama is undeterred. He’ll call “CEOs, and philanthropists and college presidents” to get his way (though where the college presidents fit in is questionable).

That’s not democracy as practiced in the world’s oldest constitutional republic – and a former constitutional law professor should know that. That’s banana-republic thuggery.

But the end is in sight, as Obama himself noted when he said he wanted to spend “every minute of the 1,276 days remaining in my term” working to help the middle class.

That’s not so long now, is it?

Thank God – and the Republican Congress of 1947 – for the 22nd Amendment.

Blog author's comments - Obama always interjects that what he is doing is for the middle class...he does not really worry about the middle class. No speech of his ever has any real substance in it. They are usually about him and what he would do for us if only the Republicans would work with him. What he is really saying is they will not give him everything he wants. I would like for some members of Congress, in particular the Republican controlled House, to remind him of what power he is actually granted in the Constitution. But he wants to use 'executive authority' while refusing to actually attempt to work with the GOP.

Obama is gearing up for a Democratic Party win and control of the House after the 2014 election. If that should happen he will be able to pass whatever he decides during the last two years of his rein. This is why the Republicans should not back down from any challenge between now and the midterm election. They need to stop immigration reform, except for securing our borders, get serious about defunding Obamacare and should not shy away from the battle to raise the debt ceiling and the threat of a government shutdown. If they continue to cave to the Democrats this will only add to the problem of what has happened to our country.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two Added to Food Stamp Rolls for Every Job Obama Says He Created

CNS News -- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said yesterday that the Obama administration has pulled the nation from the depths of the "Great Recession" with the creation of 7.2 million private sector jobs.

"And what is absolutely true is that we have come a long way since the depths of the Great Recession. We've created over 7.2 million private sector jobs," Carney told reporters at a press briefing.

Here's what Mr. Carney didn't say:

Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama's presidency, 9.5 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force. Nearly 90 million Americans are not working today!

That means that 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one job the administration claims to have created.

There are 15 million more Americans on food stamps today than when Obama assumed office.
At the end of January 2009, 32,204,859 Americans received aid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. As of April 2013, there were 47,548,694 Americans on food stamps.

That means that more than two Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls for every one job the administration says it has created.

Under Obama, 1.6 million more Americans are collecting disability insurance. In February 2009, 9,334,369 Americans received disability payments. Today, that number is 10,953,733.
Blog author's comments - Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the Obama administration has pulled the nation from the depths of the "Great Recession" with the creation of 7.2 million private sector jobs. If this was actually true why do we read during the rest of the column how really bad the jobs market has been during the time the Obama administration has been in office?

I have to believe that most of the jobs which have been filled during this time have been part-time or temporary jobs and, of course, government jobs. What Carney said is not accurate. And Obama will attempt to place the blame for the true jobs figures on the Republican controlled House.

The White House is promoting food stamp use...which is creating dependency on the government, the key to strengthening the liberal and socialist agenda. He and his administration's policies will never create jobs and strengthen the economy. If the Democrats can win control of the House in 2014 and retain the Senate, I have no doubt he will pass another 'Stimulus' bill which he will say will be a job creator...much like the last one he passed when he had full control and what did that create aside from putting the country deeper in debt. His answer to every problem is to throw money at it.

Obama is in charge of the executive branch. If there is waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government, Obama is responsible for it. I continue to preach that at the very least the GOP has to hold control of the House. If they do not control the House after the midterm election in 2014, during Obama's last two years in office he will be completely out of control. We will see amnesty and citizenship for the illegals which will cost the taxpayer's even more to fund food stamps and other government programs. This will also mean millions more Democratic Party voters. The GOP has to get their act together or America will continue down hill if Obama is able to do what he has planned.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Al Sharpton Goes Mainstream, For Gullible Media Only

Bizpac Review -- Al Sharpton has fooled another one.

A Politico piece on Saturday tries to describe the race-baiting shakedown artist from New York as a new man, a different character from the one who launched the Tawana Brawley hoax in 1987 to build a national name on a monstrous lie, different from the man who helped foment the Crown Heights riots of 1991 in New York.

Different even from the MSNBC host who helped lay the groundwork for the current protests over the George Zimmerman acquittal by putting the equally race-baiting attorney for the Trayvon Martin family on his television show to preemptively question whether a jury made up of five white women and a Hispanic woman could judge the case of a Hispanic man shooting to death a black teenager.

“The Rev. Al Sharpton has gone mainstream” is the first line of the piece, headlined "Rev. Al Sharpton's front and center." (See below for column.)

It continues by describing Sharpton as a “moderate” who’s letting more radical elements push the Zimmerman protests forward, it calls him an adviser to President Obama (which, unfortunately, is true), it calls him a “civil rights leader” (which is a meaningless catch-all for any black person with an audience these days), and it quotes an admirer calling him a “voice of calm” (which is manifestly absurd.)

In other words, it’s garbage.

Fortunately, former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., was available for comment.

“I think he’s taking advantage of whatever a very left-wing media drives people into a frenzy over,” West told the Politico reporter, who apparently didn’t understand what West was getting at – or what media West might have been talking about.

“That’s what he does… He is keeping himself relevant based upon the grievances and hardships of others and really capitalizing on some misguided political priorities …”

West summed it up neatly.

“I think it’s pretty simple. I think he is not the voice of the black community, and the black community needs sincere voices that are going to stand up for the true conditions that are ailing them.”

The rest of the piece is an effort to cancel out what West is saying, but it’s just the simple truth.

As he has over and over again in his career, Sharpton’s just using the Zimmerman case – and the racial hatred he’s fomenting – to benefit himself at the expense of the people he claims to lead.

And as the Politico piece shows, he’s fooled another one.

But not Allen West.
Blog author's comments - To sum this up is quite simple, Al Sharpton is and will always be a race-baiter and the 'Politico' is either 'gullible' or covering for him. Unfortunately many blacks in America will always believe him along with many far left liberals. What Sharpton does is always an attempt to make any racial situation worse than it is. This is what he does best.

President Obama is also guilty of doing his share of dividing the races. The gap between the white and black citizens of our country is much wider since Obama has been the president. I guess his time spent as a community organizer will always be a part of him. In the George Zimmerman - Trayvon Martin case, Zimmerman was found to be not guilty of any crime by the jury, but this has not stopped Sharpton and Obama from attempting to use this case for their own advantage.

I can expect these actions from Sharpton but had hoped Obama would conduct himself as more presidential. He has not. He will use this case to promote his agenda for many of the things he wants to accomplish before he leaves office. And as long as the public continues to hear about Zimmerman, Martin and racism by the media this deflects from the scandals and problems Obama is facing and trying to hide from.

"Rev. Al Sharpton's Front and Center" Click Here for entire 'Politico' column

Obama: Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me

Obama: Could Trayvon Martin Have Stood His Ground?

This Video Is Worth Watching

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Lynching

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pelosi On Hillary, Biden In 2016 - We Are Blessed With Supply Of Riches

CNS News -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said her party is “blessed with such a great supply of riches” since Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are rumored to be running for president in 2016.

“They’re both wonderful,” she said Friday. “Aren’t we blessed with such a great supply of riches?”

When asked during a press conference on Capitol Hill who she thinks the Republicans should put on the ballot in the next presidential election, Pelosi said she is more concerned about the work in Congress, because “we don’t have any results to show the American people.”

“Let me say this – and I say this with all the seriousness and respect for your question - it’s a long way off for us. We don’t even have a jobs bill six and a half months into this term,” Pelosi said.

“We don’t have any results to show the American people for what’s happening,” Pelosi said. “We have an election in 2014 that we don’t even really want to think in terms of, because we want to spend a year at least trying to get work done in this off year.

Entire column...

Blog author's comments - Why does the media keep interviewing Nancy Pelosi? She is irrelevant! She said her party is “blessed with such a great supply of riches” since Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are rumored to be running for president in 2016. Does anyone including the Democrats actually think that Joe Biden has a chance of winning his party's nomination for president? I don't think so. They will tell him to not even attempt it.

If Hillary Clinton wants to run...and I believe she will...she is probably the first choice as their candidate. I don't doubt the left will ignore the fact that Clinton did a terrible job as Secretary of State, in particular what happened in Benghazi with the terrorist attack in which our ambassador and three other operatives were killed. We will never receive the true facts about that. Clinton, of course, went along with the administration and the many lies concerning the attack and killings and did not address what both she and Obama did not do which could have prevented it and what should have been sending help...during the attack which could have helped the murdered Americans.

Pelosi also said she is more concerned about the work in Congress. The only concern she has is that Obama's agenda isn't being properly rammed through the House as it was during his first two years as president because the GOP now has control of the House. The leftist media will always blame the Republicans and support the the Republicans are not as critical of the Democrats as I think they should be because they don't want to be targeted by the media more than they are.

The midterm election in 2014 is a must win for the GOP. They do have a very good chance of retaining the House...if they forget about the illegal immigrants for now...just pass a bill which will secure our borders. They also have a chance of winning control of the Senate but they have to start working together which presently I do not see happening. Concentrate on winning in 2014 first and if they are successful work towards the election of 2016. I would hope that many voters have by now become aware of what the Democratic Party is doing to the country, and decide it is time to vote for a change of leadership and parties.

Pelosi: GOP Focusing On Scandals Because Obama Is a Great President

Videos From Benghazi Hearing Featuring Hillary Clinton

VP Debate - Video of All 85 Joe Biden Interruptions

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recent Audio From The Mark Levin Radio Show...

Levin Goes Nuclear! "There Cannot Be Mob Rule!"

Levin Slams Eric Holder: 'We Have A Lawless, Rogue AG Of The US'

Allen West Knocks Sharpton And Holder As "Race Baiters"

Hate Crimes Indeed

Monday, July 15, 2013

450K Sign NAACP Petition For DOJ To Investigate Trayvon Martin Shooting

Orlando Sentinel -- Nearly 450,000 people have signed a petition created by the NAACP after a jury found George Zimmerman not-guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin Saturday, calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to launch a civil rights investigation.

"A jury has acquitted George Zimmerman, but we are not done demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. Sign our petition to the Department of Justice today," read a note accompanying the petition on, which partnered with the NAACP and urged people to sign on its site as well.

By mid-afternoon Sunday, the petition had garnered more than 275,000 signatures on the NAACP site, and the petition by drew almost 175,000.

The petition, created by NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous, and addressed to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, calls for the DOJ to file "civil rights charges against Mr. Zimmerman for this egregious violation."

On Sunday afternoon, a DOJ spokesperson released statement, which read, in part:

"As the Department first acknowledged last year, we have an open investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin...Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department's policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial."
Blog author's comments - I would not be surprised if the AG Eric Holder and the DOJ file a civil suit against George Zimmerman. Holder and Obama are hearing a lot of noise not only from the NAACP but also the liberals and race hustlers who do not want this case to end the way it has. They were sure that Zimmerman would have at least been found guilty of manslaughter. They did not get what they wanted and will not rest until they have exhausted all that they can do and will continue to stir the pot of racism. The NAACP wants a sacrifice to their right of entitlement and that is George Zimmerman.

The case should have never come to trial and Zimmerman should have never been charged with 2nd degree murder. I really don't believe Trayvon Martin meant that much for many of the people screaming for ‘justice.’ They are attempting to use his death as an example of what they will always see as wide spread racism towards black people of this country.

Shouldn't some of the most vocal critics be more concerned about the many young black men who are being shot almost every day in most major cities in the country? Not one of these so-called legal experts has expressed any outrage over the 72 people shot and 12 killed in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. Why is that I may be because none of the shootings in Chicago involved a "white" person pulling the trigger.

FBI Investigation Clears Zimmerman Of Prejudice

Friday, July 12, 2013

More Dishonesty From Politicians

The president has demonstrated through deeds - not jut words - his commitment to border security. That's just a fact.
-- Jay Carney

If the bill passes, anyone who wants to try to cross the border illegally will have to go over an 18-foot steel pedestrian fence... ...Now there are simply no more legitimate excuses to vote against this bill.
-- Sen. Chuck Schumer

I sat through all of the hearings, my mind is filled with intelligence, right now.
-- Sen. Feinstein on whether she has read the immigration bill

The benefits that more and more Americans will gain from the implementation of Obamacare will make clear that the absence of an alternative put forward by House Republicans is not an alternative at all.
-- Jay Carney

This immigration reform has the potential of becoming the next major civil rights movement.
-- Chuck Schumer

What will immigration reform do for America? The answer is clear and resounding: It can and will do great things for America.
-- Joe Biden

Reforming our immigration system is a net benefit for our economy, American workers, and taxpayers.
-- Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on the CBO's report on immigration

This bill would provide a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million individuals who are in this country illegaly -- a pathway that includes...learning English.
-- President Obama

They will have to come forward and pass a rigorous background check. If they are criminals they won't qualify.
-- Marco Rubio on the Immigration Bill

These records can only be accessed under heightened standards. The information goes into a database, the metadata, but cannot be accessed without what's called, and I quote, "reasonable suspicion" that the records are relevant and related to terrorist activity.
-- Sen. Feinstein on the NSA collecting phone records

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Audio About Zimmerman Trial - Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh Shows...

Mark Levin Blasts 'Obnoxious and Pathetic'
Judge Debra Nelson:'You're Way Out Of Line!'

Rush: George Zimmerman Prosecutor 'Filled With Rage'

Prosecutor Mislead Jury And Defense Did Nothing

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holmes Norton: When Texas Goes 'Full Blown' With Hispanics - End Of GOP

CNS News -- Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-District of Columbia) said when Texas goes “full blown” with Hispanics it’s going to mean an end to the GOP, or “this southern section white party of old men.”

The delegate made the comments on PBS’ To the Contrary program on June 28.

A panel was discussing the recent filibuster of an abortion bill by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis. Host Bonnie Erbé said, “I was shocked quite frankly by all the – speaking of Texans -- those hundreds if not thousands of Texans who were in the state capitol all up and down the stairs cheering her on. I didn’t think that there was that many Democrats left in Texas.”

Norton replied, “Oh, yeah and you got to watch out because Texas -- when Texas goes full blown -- the Republicans better have it good now because they are not long for this world.”

“Meaning what?” Erbé interjected.

“Meaning that the growth of the Hispanic population is going to mean the end of this section of this – this southern section white party of old men and they know it,” Norton said.

Wendy Davis staged a 10-plus hour filibuster on a bill banning late term abortions in Texas after 20 weeks of gestation. The measure received enough support to pass but lawmakers failed to get the roll call vote before the June 25 midnight deadline for the special session.
Blog author's comments - Ms. Norton's comments sound a bit racist to me. The history of racism in the United States is a history of the Democratic Party. They continually break this nation's people into factions and set those factions against one another.

Like many liberals it is all about race. I think she is also attempting to help nudge the immigration amnesty bill in the House with her mention of the Hispanics. The last time I checked, old white men pay taxes that pay her government salary. She is a delegate and cannot vote as a member of congress but she knows that if the Senate bill would pass in the House it would 'mean an end to the GOP.' This is what Obama and all Democrats want and work for but apparently many members of the Republican Party do not fully understand the ramifications of this.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Recent Videos - Zimmerman Trial, Rafael Cruz and Amnesty Bill In House...

Dan Abrams on George Zimmerman Murder Trial: "I Don't See how a Jury
Convicts of 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughtr" based on Prosecution's Case
(As Abrams also said you can't predict what a jury will decide.)

Rafael Cruz, Father of Sen. Ted Cruz, Delivers Speech Hammering
Obama's Rule by Executive Order: "We Can be Silent No More!"
(Rafael Cruz presents a very good speech.)

Limbaugh: Obama Wants Amnesty To Die In The House
(If the Senate bill passes in the House it would be the end of the GOP.)

Friday, July 5, 2013

I Got 30 Million Reasons - by Ann Coulter -- We keep hearing insistent claims that if Republicans don't pass amnesty yesterday it will be the end of the party.

Can I see the math on that? I can see why bringing in 30 million new Democratic voters would be good for the Democrats, but how does it help Republicans? Maybe conservatives shouldn't blindly trust the calculations of the guy who graduated fifth from the bottom of his class at the U.S. Naval Academy.

If I were a Democrat, I would have tried to sneak this bill past Republicans by proposing amnesty only after reaching some easily rigged benchmarks. But, apparently, Chuck Schumer knows elected Republicans better than I do.

Step One: Everyone's amnestied. Step Two: After they're amnestied, they can bring in all their relatives.

If Hispanics voted 50.1 percent for Democrats, amnesty would be a bad deal for Republicans. But, in fact, they vote 70 percent to 80 percent for Democrats. How did it become an urgent priority for Republicans to bring in 30 million new voters, 80 percent of whom will vote Democratic?

Democrats want 30 million new voters and they will say anything to get there:

-- It's a crisis! Illegal immigrants are "living in the shadows"!

That's not a "crisis." At most -- and this is highly dubious -- it's a crisis for the illegal immigrants. But evidently, "living in the shadows" is at least better than living in Guadalajara. Otherwise, there's an easy solution.

We're told, "You don't know what it's like to live in the shadows!" Yes, you're right, and that proves it's not a crisis.

Sorry to sound legalistic, illegal aliens, but you broke the law and -- look me in the eye -- you know you broke the law. You hid in the backs of trucks, traveled across remote desert locations, ran from U.S. agents and stole American IDs.

It's supposed to be uncomfortable to break the law. We aren't required to grant amnesty to people just because they've put themselves in the awkward position of being here illegally. (Or because the Democrats need 30 million new voters.)

If illegals were Republicans, Chuck Schumer would be a "Minuteman," patrolling the Mexican border 24-7.

-- Oh boy! Are Hispanics ever going to take revenge on Republicans!

The obvious retort is: If these people vote 80 percent against Republicans, how does it hurt Republicans if they can't vote? Is the claim that next time legal Hispanics vote against you, they'll have an angry glint in their eye? Voting machines don't register angry glints.

-- How could any decent person be against granting amnesty to lawbreakers?

In common parlance, "the decent thing to do" is usually defined as "following the law." The fact that Democrats want 30 million new voters is not a good enough reason to ignore the law and screw over the millions of people who have been waiting 20 years to immigrate here legally.

-- We already have "de facto amnesty."

I gather Marco Rubio considers this his big showstopper, since he says it in every interview as if he's announcing the Kochen-Specker theorem. But if we already have de facto amnesty, why is this bill even necessary? Oh, that's right! The Democrats need 30 million new voters.

Keep reading...
Blog author's comments - I don't often read Ann Coulter's column but what she said in her column this week is correct. Neither I nor any conservative can explain the thinking, comments, speeches and votes of some so-called Republicans such as McCain, Graham, Rubio and others...who aligned themselves with the their successful effort in passing an immigration amnesty bill for the illegals in the Senate. Now Paul Ryan is pushing for much of the same in the House.

If a bill which contains what was in the Senate bill passes in the Republican controlled House it is over for the GOP. I also believe many Republican voters...if that happens... will stay away from the polls in the 2014 elections which is a must win election for the Republican Party to retain control of the House. They have to attempt to stop Obama from doing much more damage to our country during his last two years in office.

I would like one of the Republican backers of the amnesty bill to explain how giving the illegal immigrants amnesty will help the Republican Party. As Ann Coulter said the Hispanics will not support the Republican Party. So if they are given amnesty and the right to vote the GOP will never again elect a president. This is exactly what Barack Obama and the Democrats want and sadly many members of the Republican Party seem as if they are willing to give it to them.

I have covered much of the same... ad nauseam... in a few posts on my blog:

Paul Ryan Leading House For 'Amenesty' Deal

Ted Cruz Launches National Petition Against Gang Of Eight's Bill

Furious Republican Rips Marco Rubio

Audio Concerning Immigration Reform From The Rush Limbaugh Show

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July Click Here To Take a Flight Over America

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recent Videos Concerning Obamacare, Egypt And Immigration...

How Very Convenient: White House delaying Obamacare's Employer Mandate until after the 2014 midterm elections. Obama wants control of the House his last two years in office. The chaos, lost jobs and higher costs because of Obamacare would make it much more difficult for the Democrats to win the House. So he is putting the employer mandate on hold until 2015.

Report: ObamaCare Could Triple Premium Costs For Some People

Flashback: March 15, 2010 - Obama Said ObamaCare
Could Reduce Premiums by "3000%" and "Give You a Raise"

Rush Limbaugh on "Fox & Friends": GOP Should
Make 2014 Midterms About "Unworkable" ObamaCare,
Not "Policies Guaranteed to Lose Elections"

Krauthammer: Obama's Unwillingness to Condem Radical
Islamic Government of Morsi in Egypt a "Shocking Position
for a President to Take" as Egyptians Seek Freedom

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) The Unanswered
Questions of ObamaCare; a "Trainwreck" on The Way

House Speaker John Boehner: The House "Will
Not Take Up or Vote" on The Senate Immigration Bill

Monday, July 1, 2013

Paul Ryan Leading House For 'Amnesty' Deal

Newsmax -- Paul Ryan, the Republican congressman and former vice-presidential candidate best known for his war on spending, is emerging as his party's leading champion of immigration reform in the U.S. House of Representatives.

With Senate passage of a sweeping immigration bill imminent, Ryan has been meeting with House conservatives to persuade them that reform of the immigration system, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is an economic necessity and critical to fixing the nation's fiscal problems.

Ryan, a potential 2016 presidential contender, sees himself as a "bridge builder" between immigration advocacy groups and reluctant Republicans, he said in an interview with Reuters.

He argues that the immigration system is broken and must be overhauled. "It doesn't work for national security. It doesn't work for economic security," Ryan said.

While bi-partisan support is propelling comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate, the Republican-controlled House will take a piecemeal approach, with passage of any "pathway to citizenship" a longshot, at best.

Supporters believe the 43-year-old lawmaker, who hails from a moderate district in southern Wisconsin, two hours north of Chicago, can make a difference because of his stature as a leading conservative voice and a possible White House candidate.

Entire column...

Blog author's comments - I say securing our borders benefits that and only that. "Ryan has been meeting with House conservatives to persuade them that reform of the immigration system, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, is an economic necessity and critical to fixing the nation's fiscal problems." Paul Ryan like Senator Marco Rubio is weak and has lost his way. It is disheartening to see this.

Paul Ryan's political career...if he continues his push for an immigration bill which resembles the Senate bill... will hopefully soon be over. The huge problem as I see it, is if an immigration bill like Ryan wants passes in the House, the Republican Party will never ever be able to elect another president as soon as the illegals are given amnesty, citizenship and the right to vote.

The person who should now have the most control of the future of the Republican Party is the Speaker of the House John Boehner. If he can bring himself to put the much needed pressure on the Republican House members to pass...I repeat...a bill which will only secure our borders this may gain the GOP more support in the midterm elections in 2014. I still believe the majority of voters do not want a bill which eventually gives, the many illegals that have already broken our existing laws, citizenship.