Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chicago City Council Considers Stricter Gun Laws After Death Of Baby

Chicago FOX 32 News -- City Council will consider stricter gun laws in Chicago on Wednesday, one day after a 6-month-old baby girl was shot five times while her father changed her diaper – she did not survive.

Jonylah Watkins' father, Jonathan, was changing her in their parked minivan near 65th and Maryland on Monday afternoon. He was also shot multiple times.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said in a press conference Tuesday that Jonathan Watkins is most likely the intended target. McCarthy acknowledged the father has an extensive criminal history, and a police source said Watkins has more than 30 prior arrests.

Police sources told FOX 32 News that he also has gang ties. They have stepped up presence in Woodlawn, in case of retaliation.

Community leader Pastor Corey Brooks spoke on behalf of the baby's mother and family outside the hospital Tuesday, and initially offered a reward of $5,000 for information leading to an arrest. That amount has since gone up to $15,000 thanks to other contributions.

Mayor Emanuel, McCarthy and community leaders all said it's a priority to find the gunman who shot and killed Jonylah, and her death is likely to come up as they discuss a new ordinance that would crack down on offenders who use guns to commit violent crimes.

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Blog author's comments - "City Council will consider stricter gun laws in Chicago." So the reason the child was killed was the guns not gang members? Chicago is already supposed to have some of the toughest gun laws in the country. More gun laws will not stop the criminals in Chicago or anywhere else.

There is a political correctness element to this. Most urban gangs are populated by young Black (or Hispanic) males. Folks on the Left are constantly complaining about high incarceration rates for Black men, and how the police target Black men unfairly. So then where is the motivation for law enforcement to concentrate their efforts on cleaning these gangs out?

In many Black urban communities belonging to a gang is a rite of passage. So, if the cities are ever going to fix the gang problem in America, Black leaders are going to have to take an active role. A good first step would be to stop blaming White racism for every problem that they have. That attitude only makes the problem worse.

"The father has an extensive criminal history, and a police source said Watkins has more than 30 prior arrests." Why is he free to walk the streets?

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