Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Videos Which May Be Of Interest

Krauthammer: Pelosi And Obama Are Saying,
"We Have Not Yet Begun To Tax And To Spend"

Biden: Obama Considering 'Executive Order' To Deal With Guns

Woman Tries To Buy iPads With EBT Card

Jay Carney: Despite Having Just Raised Taxes,
Obama Wants More Tax Increases Going Forward

I Am Not Your Servant - Marine Joshua Boston To Dianne Feinstein

Krauthammer: Obama In 2nd Term Will "Show Who He Really Is"; Believes
America Is "Too Big For Its Britches"; Will "Diminish And Downsize" U.S. Military

Ben Shapiro On Hannity: "We've Reached The End
Of Bipartisanship. We've Reached The End Of Civility"

Mark Levin: 2nd Amendment Not For Hunters,
It Is For Overthrowing A Tyrannical Government

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