Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recent Videos

NRA's Wayne LaPierre At Senate Hearing On Gun Control; "Law-Abiding Gun
Owners Will Not Accept Blame For The Acts Of Violent Or Deranged Criminals"

Chuck Hagel At His Confirmation Hearing To Be The Secretary
of Defense -- Sen. Ted Cruz Takes Apart Chuck Hagel With Past
Statements On Israel; Agreement On America Being The "World's Bully"

Former CEO Of Playboy Magazine Christie Hefner Blames
Increased Murder Rate In Chicago On...Global Warming

Krauthammer: Under Barack Obama, "This Is The Weakest
Recovery Since the Second World War; Obama Still Blaming Others

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Dismantles Proposed "Assault
Weapons Ban" During Senate Gun Control Hearing

New Conservative PAC Ad Highlights Obama Actions That Prove Mark Levin's
Assessment: "We Have An Imperial President Who Is Bankrupting Our Country"

Gayle Trotter Lays Into Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Over Women's Second Amendment Rights

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