Monday, December 30, 2013

McCain On Obama: Don't Count A Man With That Talent Out

The Hill -- Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says people shouldn’t underestimate President Obama as he heads into his sixth year in the White House.

He discounted Obama’s low approval ratings and said a sitting president always has influence.

“We all wear thin with the American people after a while,” McCain told the Associated Press.

“To count a man of that talent out at this point in time in his administration would be a huge mistake,” he added.[...]

He met with Obama this year to discuss immigration reform, but was a vocal critic of the president's foreign policy moves in Syria and elsewhere.

Democrats and Obama plan to make immigration reform a top priority in 2014, and are pushing House Republicans to take up legislation.
Blog author's comments - I agree when McCain said “we all wear thin with the American people after a while.” Most conservatives wish he would have retired years ago. But John McCain, speaking of Obama, what talent would that be? Is that his plan to fundamentally transform America which he and the Democrats are doing? We are five years into the most destructive presidency in the country’s history, and we can see that fundamental transformation at work just about everywhere.

Obamacare will wreck the best health care system ever. And look at what Obama has done to the economy, race relations, the debt he has piled on the country and his disdain for the Constitution. He has a long to-do list before his final term in over. I am not discounting what Obama, Reid and all Democrats will attempt to do during the remainder of Obama's time in office. And this is why the GOP, with much help from the voters, must do very well in the midterm elections so they can halt further destruction to our country.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy 2014 America, Here Are More Obamacare Taxes

Krauthamer On The 20 New Obamacare Taxes
Headed Our Way: "A Huge Transfer Of Wealth"

New Obamacare Fees Coming In 2014

Poll: Obamacare Sank Democrat Approval Ratings

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pelosi: Obamacare Will Be 'Glorious'

Washington Times -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday defended Obamacare amid fellow Democrats’ concerns, saying that while the politics may be tricky right now, eventually having voted for the health care law will be a boon.

“We’ll ride this out,” the California Democrat said on a conference call with reporters.

Some Democrats, particularly in the Senate, are worried about facing voters having backed the health law, which has seen a rocky rollout and is costing millions of Americans their health plans — even as it is aided millions of others to sign up or get on their parents’ plans.

“It’s worth the trouble, it’s going to be a glorious thing,” Mrs. Pelosi said.

Still, she said when it comes to voters, she believes they will not have the health law at the front of their minds when they head to the polls less than a year from now for midterm congressional elections.

She signaled that Democrats are likely to reprise the income inequality message President Obama used successfully against GOP nominee Mitt Romney last year.
Blog author's comments - Coming from Pelosi what else would you expect her to say? She and Obama will never give up on Obamacare no matter how much harm it does to so many Americans. All one can do is shake their head in disgust at this ridiculous woman.

"Still, she said when it comes to voters, she believes they will not have the health law at the front of their minds when they head to the polls less than a year from now for midterm congressional elections." The Democrats in the Senate who are up for reelection certainly hope they don't. It's not just that Obamacare isn't going well. It's that Obama has been exposed as a liar.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Recent Audio From The Mark Levin Show...

Health Care System Has Already Effectively Been Nationalized

Blog author's comments - Mark Levin talks about and explains what I have, in part, written about before. But many citizens who do not usually follow what is happening in Washington and politics are beginning to pay attention to what Obamacare will do to many of them. Finally, many now understand the ramifications of the ACA. Millions have already lost their insurance because of Obamacare.

What will take the toll on many more Americans is when the Employer Mandate is implemented. Many companies will have to cut back on subsidizing their employee’s health insurance because of the standards set by Obamacare. Millions of employees will either be paying more towards their health insurance or lose it entirely. Obamacare will also cause many businesses to both downsize employees and move some employees from full time to part time to avoid the additional cost of health care. They will not be able to afford to replace the health insurance they now offer because of the ridiculous rules which have been set by Obama and the Democrats. This will also have a large impact on the already bad economy.

President Obama is well on his way to orchestrating the federal government's takeover of health care. The only way Obamacare could work, as designed by Obama and the Democrats, is because most of the people would lose their existing plan due to the changes the ACA demanded from the insurance companies. With Obama this is all about more government control.

Six Things Every American Should Know About Obamacare

Monday, December 16, 2013

White House Forces Obamacare Insurers To Cover Unpaid Patients At A Loss

Forbes -- Of all of the last-minute delays, website bungles, and Presidential whims that have marred the roll-out of Obamacare’s subsidized insurance exchanges, what happened on Thursday, December 12 will stand as one of the most lawless acts yet committed by this administration. The White House—having canceled Americans’ old health plans, and having botched the system for enrolling people in new ones—knows that millions of Americans will enter the new year without health coverage. So instead of actually fixing the problem, the administration is retroactively attempting to force insurers to hand out free health care—at a loss—to those whom the White House has rendered uninsured. If Obamacare wasn’t a government takeover of the health insurance industry, then what is it now?

On Wednesday afternoon, health policy reporters found in their inboxes a friendly e-mail from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, announcing “steps to ensure Americans signing up through the Marketplace have coverage and access to the care they need on January 1.” Basically, the “steps” involve muscling insurers to provide free or discounted care to those who have become uninsured because of the problems with

Continue reading >>

Blog author's comments - Obamacare is supposed to be a law, but it is being continually rewritten by the Executive Branch of the government. Because of Obama, the Democrats, and the ACA there has already been great harm done to millions of Americans by the loss of their health insurance plans which they were lied to about and told they could keep if they wanted to, period.

And now because Obamacare has proven to be a complete failure and so many people will be without health care by the first of the year, instead of the Obama administration improving the enrollment system so it at least functions, Obama dictates to "insurers to hand out free health care—at a loss—to those whom the White House has rendered uninsured." Apparently Obama, the dictator-in-chief, can make changes to the ACA law as he chooses and there is no one to stop him. For a large number of people, life with Obama as president continues to get worse.

13 People Lost Health Insurance For Every Person Buying An Obamacare Plan

Friday, December 13, 2013

Recent Political Videos...

Politifact Names Obama's "If You Like
Your Plan" Promise The "Lie Of The Year"
CNN’s Jake Tapper talking to Politifact, who today
named their “Lie of the Year.” It was awarded to the
serial liar Barack Obama’s: "If you like your health
care plan, you can keep it, period". Well deserved.

John Boehner Again Attacks Conservatives Who
Oppose Cave-In Budget Deal With Democrats
Boehner calls himself a Conservative but is
declaring war on Tea Party Conservatives.
Boehner should not be Speaker of the House.

Charles Krauthammer: Obamacare Enrollment Numbers
"Inflated Or Deceptive" At Every Level;"The Beginning
Of January Is Going To Be A Train Wreck" For Democrats
Obama and the Democrats by pushing the ACA into law,
passed the worst piece of legislation in the history of America.

Sen. Mike Lee On Senate Floor: Obamacare
"Turning Out To Be An Absolute, Unmitigated
Disaster For Families All Over The Country"
GOP Sen. Mike Lee is correct when he says
that Obamacare has hurt his constituents.
This is true throughout the entire country
and it will continue to get much worse.

The Affordable Care Act First Does Harm, Period

Tea Party: Boehner 'Declared War'

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kentucky Doctor Closing Practice, Cites Obamacare As Reason

Breitbart -- A Kentucky M.D. named Stephen Kiteck is shutting down his medical practice and citing Obamacare as the reason.

Dr. Kiteck published an ad in the local paper saying his office will close Dec. 31, 2013 because of Obamacare. He invites his patients to drop by prior to that date to pick up their charts.

The notice closes with this message, "Dr. Kiteck wishes to thank all his patients that have visited his office over the past 20 years, and apologizes for this inconvenience."

Dr. Kiteck's office confirmed that he is indeed closing his practice and that he did publish the notice in the paper. Asked if he would agree to an interview, his receptionist indicated that he'd received many calls from the media but was not prepared to make any additional statement at this time.

There have been surveys which suggested a significant number of doctors might quit or retire early as a result of the new health law. A 2013 Deloitte Survey of U.S. Physicians found that 62 percent of doctors expected some of their colleagues to retire early.

Dr. Kiteck is a 64 year old board certified family physician with a good rating for patient satisfaction on
Blog author's comments - This is just the beginning, there will be many more doctors especially those in their later years of practice who will retire because they will not want to deal with the government rules and regulations of Obamacare. I do not doubt that Dr. Stephen Kiteck will soon be audited by the IRS.

There are already some doctors and hospitals who are saying they will not accept Obamacare patients. Obama and his fellow Democrats own this law, not one Republican voted for it. The ACA is so bad that it just may self destruct before the 2016 election.

What will surprise me is -- if this law does not push the voters including the low-information people to the polls to vote for the GOP in 2014 -- I have no idea what it will take to oust many of the Senate Democrats who are up for reelection and also retain the House for the Republican Party. As many of us know Obamacare is a complete disaster but Obama does not seem to care.

It appears as if once he and the Democrats passed the ACA law which he believes will be his legacy, he turned his back on the consequences it is having and will continue to have on the American people, our healthcare system and the economy. He has said that as long as he is the president the law will never be repealed. The liberal media along with his administration and base of leftist followers continue to cover for him as always.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Police State: Government Employee Censored For Criticizing Obamacare

Daily Caller -- A California county has banned a veteran employee from criticizing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because a coworker who overheard the criticism was offended.

The employee is Norina Mooney, who has logged some 20 years of work experience with Santa Clara County, the epicenter of Silicon Valley.

According to Mooney’s attorneys with the Pacific Justice Institute, she made some water-cooler talk with a fellow employee about the high number people who have had their insurance policies canceled under Obamacare.

Later, a supervisor called Mooney into a private meeting and allegedly dressed her down for the attempt at chitchat because an unidentified person had overheard the small talk and been offended.

In the future, the supervisor said, Mooney must exit the government building should she have anything adverse about Obamacare or otherwise political to say.

Mooney’s attorneys noted that this edict is an odd one considering Mooney’s claim that the office environment is replete with pro-Obama paraphernalia. She noted that her coworkers openly wore Obama campaign attire to work at election time as well.

The longtime employee currently works for the child support enforcement division, which doesn’t involve the promotion or implementation of the controversial heath insurance legislation.

Entire column >>
Blog author's comments - Apparently free speech is not allowed when on government property in California and this may also be true in other states. This has a similarity to North Korea where the leader is not to be challenged. The lies, policies and agenda of Obama are embraced and celebrated by his loyal followers to the point they want to immediately punish someone who poses a different (likely truthful) observation.

"Later, a supervisor called Mooney into a private meeting and allegedly dressed her down for the attempt at chitchat because an unidentified person had overheard the small talk and been offended." Why is the offended person allowed to remain anonymous? It seems to me like a discrimination suit is possible. This is the future in America unless we fight back at the ballot box.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Obama Urges Government Action On Inequality

Market Watch -- (Washington) A somber President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged lawmakers to consider steps to reduce income inequality in America, saying that it is leading to corrosive cynicism and mistrust.

In a speech in one of Washington’s most distressed neighborhoods, Obama said that Congress should end the “stale” debate over the size of the federal government and adopt an agenda to strengthen the middle class and build “ladders of opportunity” for the poor.

“The basic bargain at the heart of our economy has frayed,’” the president said.

Obama said he knew that his ideas would not get though Congress “this year, next year or in the next five years” but said a serious debate on the issues would still be beneficial.

He said his door was open to Republican suggestions on how to build the middle class, but challenged them to do more than criticize his ideas.

Republicans need to say “what you are for, not what you are against,” Obama said.

Wages and salaries are growing very slowly in this recovery. Recent data show that income growth is less than half a typical recovery. According to Sentier Research, the median annual household income of $52,529 is up 3.1% from August 2011, the low point of their series, but down 5.7% from Dec. 2007, the beginning of the Great Recession.

Obama said he was making a practical and not a moral argument. He said that the income trends were bad for the economy long-term.

Obama rejected the idea than an unfettered free market was the answer to income inequality.

“We can make a difference on this. In fact, that is our generation’s task, to rebuild American’s economic and civic foundation to continue the expansion of opportunity for this generation and the next generation,” Obama said.

Obama backed several initiatives to combat income inequality, including raising the federal minimum wage which is at $7.25 an hour.

He also called for simplifying the corporate-tax code and a new trade agenda to boost U.S. exports.

He also said Congress should unwind the across-the-board spending cuts, known as sequestration, “that haven’t made a lot of sense.”

The president hinted that he would be making an announcement soon with CEOs of large U.S. businesses on new steps to help the long-term unemployed.

Speaker of the House John Boehner’s office said that Obama was trying to talk down “his economy.”

“The American Dream is certainly more in doubt than in decades, but after more than five years in office, the president has no one to blame but himself,” said Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck in an emailed statement.
Blog author's comments - Obama talks about 'inequality' and the economy but does nothing to help the economy which may assist those who he feels are victims of inequality. A major reason he is now talking about it is an attempt to have the mainstream media change the subject from what a disaster Obamacare is.

Obama wants to continue to grow big government and redistribute the wealth of those who have worked and educated themselves. There will eventually be more people receiving assistance than taxpayers. So who is going to continue to pay for those who refuse any attempt at taking care of themselves? Obama is fine with the government caring for them.

Whenever Obama talks about the poor economy it is always the fault of the Republican Party. If Obama pushes to increase the minimum wage what he will do is increase the number of people out of work by the hundreds of thousands. The fast food restaurants and others who employ many minimum wage people will downsize many employees.

The "ladders of opportunity" that he is talking about cannot be socialism (redistribution of wealth) because that does not work and never has. What this country was built on was minimum government, minimum taxes, minimum regulations, this is what creates real wealth and lifts the poor and middle class. All of the healing attributes that are needed are lacking under Obama's presidency.

Obama Returns To Class Warfare As Poll Numbers Plunge

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Recent Videos Concerning - Barack Obama, Democrats And Obamacare...

CBS Report Reveals Obama's DOJ Tried To Block
The 'Fast And Furious' Whistleblower Book
Obama continues to hide documents from Congress
related to 'Fast and Furious' using executive
privelege. I don't believe they will ever be seen.

Rich Lowry: If Current Polling Trends Continue, Watch
For "Big Democrat Political Panic" Over Obamacare
I think the current polling data will continue to decline when the
Employer Mandate kicks in. And that is why Obama moved it back
with the enrollment for small businesses until after the 2014 election.

Obama Gives Republicans a Rallying Slogan For The 2014, 2016
Elections: Vote Out The Democrats So We Can Repeal Obamacare
In his mind Obamacare is Obama's legacy, it does
not matter to him that he is hurting so many Americans
and trashing the best healthcare system ever.

Team Obama Turned Down a Free Offer To Build The
Obamacare Website - But Blew Nearly $1 Billion Instead
This information from Darrell Issa was apparently confirmed
during testimony before a Congressional Committee.

LZ Granderson: "Time and time again, Americans have said we
can deal with the lies that President Obama tells us because we
believe in his heart he has the best interest for the American people."
Another far left liberal journalist who believes Obama can do
no wrong, not surprising coming from the person who said it.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Former White House Adviser David Plouffe: People "Trust This President"

Politico -- Former Senior White House Adviser David Plouffe on Sunday said he believes President Barack Obama’s “numbers will recover” and that people “trust this president.”

“It’s been a tough patch,” Plouffe said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And it’s not just healthcare, you know, the shutdown affected everybody, confidence in government. But let’s fast forward to the State of the Union and the months after that: Health care working better, a lot of people signing up, economy continuing to strengthen, hopefully no Washington shutdowns.”

“I think the president’s numbers will recover, I think people’s confidence will recover,” he added. “And we need to push Congress to do immigration, to do the smart things to help the economy.”

But Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), also on the “This Week” panel, said the problems with Obamacare will continue to damage the president and his administration.

“The first impression here was terrible, and I think it will be an unfolding disaster for the president,” he said. “This thing is going to be an unmitigated political disaster for the president."

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), meanwhile, said he was more optimistic about the health care law.

“This website is technology,” he said. “It’s going to get better. It’s already better today.”

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, however, said the president’s reputation has been seriously hurt by his claim that those who liked their health plans could keep them. Americans look at Obama and “think, ‘He’s no dummy,’” Noonan said. And “because he’s a smart guy, that means he deliberately misled us” to pass the law.

But, Plouffe said, “I think he spoke directly to this. And I think people accepted what he had to say. I think people trust this president. I think there’s been numbers all over the place. But I'm confident in a few months from now, those trust numbers are going to come up and his approval number will come up.”

Blog author's comments - The government shutdown had little to do with where Obama and many Democrats find themselves today. And it was not the fault of the Republican Party. Obama and Harry Reid wanted the shutdown and they were not going to negotiate on anything to get it, so they could place the blame on the Republican controlled House. This vindictive president should get credit for the shutdown but he knew the liberal mainstream media would cover for him.

Obama's polling numbers took a downward turn with the Obamacare rollout disaster and when the public finally realized that Obama lied to them when he said if they liked their health care plan they could keep it. He was not truthful to the people about Obamacare and what it would do to many of them. He has been lying about his many scandals - Benghazi, the IRS targeting Obama's enemies, the government watching the AP reporters, the NSA wiretaps and 'Fast and Furious' just to name a few. This is what he does and this is who he is. I don't understand how anyone can or could ever trust this president.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Washington Post: Repeal Presidential Term Limits

Daily Caller -- As President Obama faces a small revolt within his own party, a Washington Post op-ed is calling for the United States to end presidential term limits and allow him to run again in 2016.

“Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for reelection just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him,” writes New York University Jonathan Zimmerman professor of history and education. “Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.”

Zimmerman argues that the president would enjoy more deference on such unpopular initiatives as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the recent nuclear-arms deal with Iran if he had a legal opportunity to seek additional terms in office.[...]

Nor does Zimmerman entertain the possibility that Democrats may be fleeing Obama’s policies out of practical good sense, a move that they are free to make when not under pressure to support a candidate for re-election. He notes correctly that George Washington established the two-term precedent not out of political philosophy but because he thought the republic was in good shape. But he does not specify what crises — other than the ones of Obama’s own making — the country is now facing that would require a third term.

Entire column >>
Blog author's comments - I know the liberal media is an arm of the Democratic Party but I did not think that they would ever go this far. What should happen is reduce Obama's second term to two years to make up for the damage he has already done to the country. If the Republican Party does not at least retain the House and possibly win the Senate in 2014, America as we know it will no longer exist after his eight years in office.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Poll: Obama Job Satisfaction Hits New Rock Bottom

Newsmax -- President Barack Obama's job-approval rating has hit a new rock bottom — in a state that is vital in national elections.

Quinnipiac University's poll in bellwether Ohio gives him the lowest rating the university's polling institute has ever found.

According to the survey released Wednesday, Obama is underwater by 27 points in Ohio, which has picked the president in every election since 1964 and has been within 2 percent of the national vote since 1996.

He has a negative job-performance rating of 34 percent to 61 percent among registered voters, 10 points worse than the last time Quinnipiac asked the same question in June. Then, his rating was 36 percent to 59 percent.

His previous-worst polling was last week in Colorado, with a negative 36 percent to 59 percent.

"Clearly much of the reason for the president's decline in Ohio is 'Obamacare,' said Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac's Polling Institute. "Ohio voters oppose the Affordable Care Act 59-35 percent. Perhaps more significantly, voters say 45-16 percent they expect their own healthcare to be worse rather than better a year from now."[...]

When it comes to the president's honesty and trustworthiness, 57 percent to 39 percent of Ohioans do not believe or trust Obama.

"President Barack Obama's popularity is at a record low in Ohio, and the first time his approval rating has fallen below 40 percent in the state," said Brown.

Entire column >>
Blog author's comments - If the Democrats are losing Ohio they are vulnerable elsewhere, and the Republicans have an excellent opportunity to defeat them. Of course that's assuming the Republicans are up to the task and finally realize Obamacare could be their ticket to holding the House and winning control of the Senate if they are ready to fight from now until the 2014 election.

This is the big question, can the GOP get it's act together to benefit from all that Obama and the Democrats have done along with what they are doing to the people with Obamacare? My confidence shrinks because of the fact that the establishment Republicans are too busy trashing real conservatives and the Tea Party, instead of working to protect the country from the destructive regime which is now in control.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Obama Blasts Critics of His Nuke Deal With Iran as 'Tough Talk and Bluster'

Washington Post -- President Obama on Monday defended the historic accord reached over the weekend with Iran, saying “we cannot close the door on diplomacy” despite criticism from Republican lawmakers and the Israeli government.

“We cannot close the door on diplomacy and we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world’s problems,” Obama said. He added, “Tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it’s not the right thing for our security.”

Obama’s remarks came at the beginning of an immigration policy speech at the Betty Ong Recreation Center in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Obama hailed the agreement with Iran as the result of “clear-eyed and principled diplomacy.”

“If Iran seizes this opportunity and chooses to join the global community, then we can begin to chip away at the mistrust that’s existed for many, many years,” Obama said.
Blog author's comments - Obama believes the Republicans and Israeli government are just 'tough talk and bluster' for being critical of his deal with Iran. Iran openly holds 'Death to America' rallies and has said that Israel should be 'wiped off the face of the earth.' Sure we can trust Iran, not a problem, thanks Obama. Iran will eventually get nuclear weapons unless Israel stops them. Obama will not.

Prime Minister Netanyahu's Statement On Agreement With Iran

Obama Gives Iran The Bomb

Friday, November 22, 2013

Blackout: NBC Censors All Coverage Of Obamacare For Days

NewsBusters -- NBC News has completely censored any mention of the unfolding ObamaCare disaster for the last 72 hours. Not one word about the millions of Americans losing their health insurance nor the severe political damage that has been done to President Obama and the Democratic Party.

In that same time period, both CBS and ABC reported on major developments regarding the new law, including revelations that much of ObamaCare's infrastucture was still unfinished and that the administration knew of serious problems with the website as early as March.

The last time ObamaCare was even mentioned on the air waves of NBC News was during Monday morning's Today show, when White House correspondent Peter Alexander touted a "to-do list" of damage control for the President and former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs was given a platform to spin for his former boss.

Entire column >>
Blog author's comments - I am surprised anyone noticed they were not mentioning Obamacare since they don't have that many viewers. Is NBC covering for Obama by not saying anything about Obamacare and what a disaster it is or are they trying to cover for themselves in their stupidly for having promoted Obamacare?

I have not watched NBC for over twenty years unless they are carrying a sporting event I want to see. Maybe the "news" executives at NBC decided to take the "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" advice. At least for now they are not attempting to spin Obamacare as a good thing for America because it cannot be done. NBC is not a news station anyway, they are a PR outlet for Obama and the Democrats as is most of the mainstream media.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Videos And Columns - The Obama Administration, The Most Corrupt Ever...

Ticking Time Bomb: 50 To 100 Million Health Care
Cancellations Expected Before 2014 Elections

Second Wave Of Health Plan Cancellations Looms

Obamacare So-Called Success Story
Says She Can't Afford Obamacare

White House Obamacare 'Success' Story
Realizes She Can't Actually Afford It

Jobs Report Before 2012 Election
Faked By Census Bureau

Census 'Faked' 2012 Election Jobs Report

The 5 Percent Lie - DOJ Defends HHS In Court Filing Openly
Saying Over 100 Million Insured Will Lose Group Coverage

Obama's '5 Percent' Con Job

Monday, November 18, 2013

How Will Democrats Deal With Obamacare's Political Fallout?

CBS News -- With the end-of-the-month deadline looming to fix, there is a growing realization among President Obama and his allies that they need a long-term strategy to mitigate the rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

What exactly that strategy is remains to be seen, but it is increasingly necessary as Democrats grow frustrated with the slow pace of repairs and how that will impact their own political futures. Members of Mr. Obama's party are increasingly unwilling to back his every move. Thirty-nine House Democrats - nearly one-fifth of the caucus - helped pass a Republican plan Friday that would allow insurers to keep selling plans that existed on the individual market as of Jan. 1, 2013 through next year, in order to stop Americans from losing their insurance. Roughly three quarters of those Democrats are in competitive electoral districts where continued association with the failing health law can cut deep.

So Mr. Obama is turning to a familiar playbook to go on the offensive: shore up support among his base, the members of the grassroots Organizing for Action, which grew out of Mr. Obama's initial election and re-election efforts.

"I want to cut through the noise and talk with you directly about where we're headed in the fight for change," the president said to OFA members in an email inviting them to join a conference call on Monday. "I have just over three years left as president -- and there's a lot left on my to-do list. That's why I want to talk with you. You're the ones putting in the time and effort to achieve real progress, and fighting to make the agenda Americans voted for last fall a reality. I know we all care about what we can get done together these next few years, so let's talk about how to make it happen."

Indeed, Mr. Obama's agenda has been largely eclipsed by the rough start for the implementation of Obamacare, especially large, complex items like an immigration overhaul. Republicans, sensing a growing weakness in the White House, have no incentive to work with him. And it won't be easy to get much done: Mr. Obama is losing the confidence of the American people, who say by a margin of 52 to 44 percent that he is not honest and trustworthy.

Entire column >>
Blog author's comments - "Thirty-nine House Democrats helped pass a Republican plan Friday that would allow insurers to keep selling plans that existed on the individual market as of Jan. 1, 2013 through next year, in order to stop Americans from losing their insurance." I don't believe the Democrats that voted with the Republicans care about those who are losing their health insurance...they are worried about their jobs. This bill was meaningless, but the Democrats can now go back to their constituents and tell them they voted to try and help them. I think most if not all Democrats will continue to agree with whatever Obama does. And that includes the liberals that belong to the Organizing for Action group.

One of the most important things in this column Obama said was "I have just over three years left as president -- and there's a lot left on my to-do list." Anyone who really cares about this country should do all they can to not allow him to push the items on his 'to-do' list on them. We cannot let it happen. Number one on his list is to win control of the House in 2014. We can stop this by voting against all Democrats in the House and Senate who are up for reelection. If the Democrats regain the House and continue to control the Senate during Obama's last two years in office, it will mean the end of the America we now know.

He will grant amnesty and citizenship to the illegals which will mean millions more Democratic Party voters. He will trash the Second Amendment with his gun control plans, taxes will be raised, he will pass another stimulus bill which will be much like his last one, unemployment will remain high, he will do more damage to the economy, he will continue to weaken the military and we will never recover from the debt he will have accumulated by the time he leaves office. The people should have already seen what he is capable of with the numerous scandals, Obamacare and his continuous lies to further his policies and agenda since he has been in office.

The election of 2014 may be the most important ever. The Republican Party can retain the House and win control of the Senate but it is up to the voters to make that happen to save what we have and hopefully change much of what we do not want.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Recent Videos Concerning Barack Obama and Obamacare...

Sen. Ted Cruz Outlines The Next
Three Obamacare "Shoes To Drop"

NBC News' Chuck Todd: Obama "Doesn't Have The Power" For
His Move To Reinstate Health Plans Made Illegal By Obamacare

CBS News: Obama Has a "Credibility Problem," a "Political
Problem," an "Operational Problem," And a "Legacy Problem."

New "Americans Crossroads" Ad:
"Obama Lied. Your HealthCare Died."

Blog author's comments - Does Obama really know what he is doing to the American healthcare system or is it incompetence on his part? I believe it is both. He has accomplished his goal...he did it during the first two years he was in office because he had both the House and Senate. What his latest move may do is simply delay what many Americans are going through now; having their healthcare plans cancelled because of the rules set by Obamacare, this postponement is purely political. It gives the Democrats some cover for the midterm election in 2014. Many are worried about being reelected because of the Obamacare debacle.

What he is also attempting to do is place the blame on the insurance companies for what he and the Democrats have done. Many people who have been dropped from their existing plans will now expect their insurance company to reinstate their plan. If this does not happen and at the same price they were paying, they will blame the insurance company, even though this entire mess belongs to Obama and the Democratic Party. Obama has fixed nothing. He is hoping the Democrats can regain the House in 2014 so he will have free rein to do whatever he wants during his last two years in office.

U.S. Official In July Feared Would 'Crash' After Rollout

Obama's 'Fix' Could Make It Worse

Obamacare Advocate Poised To Become Next U.S. Surgeon General

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Democratic Chairman Says GOP Will Lose In 2014 For Opposing Obamacare

Washington Examiner -- Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who chairs the Democratic National Committee, believes Republicans will suffer politically in 2014 for their opposition to Obamacare.

The Florida Democrat was responding to Karl Rove during an interview on MSNBC Tuesday after the former senior adviser to President George W. Bush mocked her for saying that Democrats should embrace the health care reform bill during their re-election campaigns.

"Heck, yeah, I'm going to make sure that we run on that all across the country next year," Wasserman Schultz said after listing what she believes to be Obamacare's benefits for Americans.

Opinion polling for the perennially unpopular program "hadn't changed all that much" even in the face of the botched rollout of the website, she said.

President Obama and Democrats are working to fix the problems with the rollout, while Republicans are trying to make it worse, she said.

"The reason they are doing that is they know that when it's successful, not only is it something that we're going to be able to win on, it will [be] something that their candidates lose on for opposing," she said.

Blog author's comments - Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to say this, this is her job as the DNC Chair. No matter what the Obama administration has done or is doing to the country she must try to put a positive spin on it. And in the minds of most liberals everything that is wrong in America is the fault of the Republican Party. The Democrats are devious and have a year to plan and scheme in an attempt to turn the worst piece of legislation ever passed into a positive. And once they have their talking points ready they and the liberal media will continue to preach it until the 2014 election. If they repeat something often enough many people will begin to believe it.

But Wasserman Schultz, by all means run on Obamacare as it currently is. If the GOP does their own planning and stays together on this, they will have a chance of holding the House and taking control of the Senate. As Obamacare is now I don't see any way this will work out well for the Democrats. Once the Americans come to the realization that the best healthcare system in the world is being destroyed, they should be reminded of who it was that destroyed it. The ACA was passed without one Republican vote.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Latest Videos On The American Disaster Called ObamaCare...

Krauthammer: "The President Now is Toxic. The Thing
is Called 'ObamaCare.' There's No Running Away from It"
It is now clear that Obama knew he was not telling the
truth about ObamaCare. Many Americans had to lose
their health care plans in order for ObamaCare to work.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Admits "A Convicted Felon"
could be an "ObamaCare Navigator"; No Background Check Required
Sebelius is apparently not worried about having a convicted felon be an
ACA Navigator. I would hope that the people who enroll in ObamaCare know
that convicted felons could have access to all of their personal information.

Sen. Orrin Hatch: "The Democrats have to
be Embarrassed" at ObamaCare Disaster
Barack Obama and the Democrats are not 'embarrassed'.
They have accomplished what they planned to do. They apparently
convinced the majority of voters the ACA would improve their lives.

President Obama Apologizes - Not Really - for Americans
Losing their Health Insurance because of ObamaCare
Obama is lying again, what he did was intentional and he has
no regrets. If he had told the truth he would not have been
reelected. And he is not going to do anything to help the people.

Blog author's comments - I hear Obama and other members of his administration say that those who are losing their health insurance are just a small percentage of people. Not true. Wait until 2015 when the employer mandate goes into law. There will be millions more who will be affected by Obama's legacy, the ACA. By then it will be too late for the voters to do anything about it. They have to make a statement to Obama and the Democrats in the 2014 election.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Democrats Up in 2014 Vent Obamacare Anger in White House Meeting

Roll Call -- President Barack Obama heard an earful at the White House Wednesday from Senate Democrats running for re-election next year who are fuming about the Affordable Care Act’s rocky rollout.

During a two-hour meeting that was not on the president’s public schedule, the president met with 15 Senate Democrats facing the voters next year, as well as Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska issued a release after the meeting torching the administration.

“It is simply unacceptable for Alaskans to bear the brunt of the Administration’s mismanagement of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and that is the message U.S. Senator Mark Begich delivered to President Obama today,” his office said in a statement blasted to reporters.[...]

Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado said he let the president know just how upset he is about the troubled health care law. He sent out a release saying that he had pressed the administration to extend the enrollment period due to the problems with, ensure that the data on the website is secure and make other modifications.

“The rollout of has not been smooth — to say the least — and I shared the concerns of Coloradans directly with the president,” Udall said in the statement. “Consumers should have the time they need to shop for a plan and enroll after the widespread problems with the website are fixed. I urged the president again to extend the enrollment period to give consumers enough time to make an informed decision about their family’s health insurance options. I also told the president that, for the Affordable Care Act to succeed, consumers need to be confident their personal information is secure. We need to do everything in our power to protect the online marketplace from hackers and cyberattacks.”

Entire column...
Blog author's comments - The Senators voted for it but are now concerned about how their constituents will vote. They are worried about their jobs. What the Democrat Senators who are up for reelection in 2014 would like is if the Obama administration decided to move the Individual Mandate for Obamacare back until 2015. But this will not happen…the more people they have enrolled makes it that much more difficult for anyone to take it away.

The ACA also needs to enroll as many people as possible so they are able to help fund their program. And it is their program...not one Republican voted for the bill. They know this fiasco with the website, the prices of the Obamacare insurance plans, the high deductibles, along with Obama telling the American people “if you like your health-care plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan, period” numerous times does not bode well for them. And news broke last week that the administration knew in 2010 that millions of Americans would lose their coverage.

These are some of the items they are worried about. But by concentrating on the website, they think they can fool enough voters into thinking they actually care, while not having to say they don't have a problem with Americans losing their current policies or their doctors.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Recent Audio From The Rush Limbaugh Show...

Richard Nixon Resigned Over A Lie Nowhere Near As Big As ObamaCare

Blog author's comments - The president of the United States may be a serial liar. Just to name a few of the many subjects or scandals Barack Obama and his administration have lied about or covered up: The IRS targeting Obama's enemies, Benghazi, 'Fast and Furious', collecting Associated Press reporters' phone records, the hacking of CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson's computer, and the biggest of all the continual lying about ObamaCare.

How Many Health Plans Are Classified As "Substandard" Under Obamacare? 98 Percent

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jay Carney: Republicans Want To "Punish" People Who Receive Food Stamps

The Blaze -- Anticipating what Democrats have already called the “food stamp cliff” reduction in benefits to take effect on Nov. 1, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that food stamps are “the most effective way of to combat hunger” and accused House Republicans of wanting to “punish” people who receive them.

He was also clear that the Obama administration wants Americans receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to be able to get off the program the right way by reaching a better economic condition.

The “food stamp cliff" is the expiration of the temporary increase in SNAP funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, better known as the stimulus act. Without an increase, a single adult’s benefits will reportedly be cut by $11 a month to a total of $189.[...]

Carney added, “We’re committed reducing the number of Americans who need SNAP, the right way by arming recipients with the skills they need to enter the workforce, earn the income they need to support a family and ultimately come off the program.”

Speaking about the importance of the program, he continued: “SNAP is the most effective way of to combat hunger and food insecurity, particularly as food banks are telling us that they are already struggling to meeting the needs in their communities.”

In August, the House separated food stamp funding from the farm bill.

“This goes to a broader effort to pass a comprehensive farm bill,” Carney continued. “The Senate has done it. The House, in the aforementioned action, broke years and years of precedent and separated out elements of the farm bill that had always been together. And essentially did so in order to punish millions of Americans who depend on this assistance and that is absolutely the wrong approach to the problem that you’ve identified.

Entire column...
Blog author's comments - The Press Secretary Carney's job is to protect the president no matter what he does and to attempt to always portray the Republicans as the enemy of the American people.

The Obama administration is signing up as many people as they can for food stamps. This is what the progressives and Democrats want to have happen. Keep people down and dependent, convinced they cannot succeed without the government. And if they vote they will usually vote for anyone who is a Democrat. The government is currently giving food stamps to 47 million Americans...and that number is continually growing. Many of these food stamp recipients should receive them, but there are many healthy, able bodied people who are content to live off the government dole and have no intention of seeking employment.

How about lowering taxes and getting rid of Obamacare so the free market can create jobs. Lower taxes will encourage business owners to invest and grow their companies and hire more people. We already have enough people who have given up finding a job and now with Obama's signature piece of legislation, the ACA, more companies will be downsizing their work force or making some people part-time employees.

With ‘SNAP’ funding a single adult’s benefits will reportedly be cut by $11 a month to a total of $189. For a family of four that gets $668 per month in benefits they will find that amount cut by $36. Food stamps are only a part of what many people receive from the government’s welfare program...housing, child care, healthcare and school meals for their children. This will never stop...there are too many people locked into this way of life, being cared for by the taxpayer’s money.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pelosi: I Want To "Say Every Chance I Get How Proud We Are Of" Obamcare

Politico -- As Obamacare continues to come under bipartisan attack, Nancy Pelosi offered a full-throated praise of the law, saying she wished it would’ve gone further.

The House minority leader, speaking to reporters Wednesday morning, said she wants to “say every chance I get how proud we are of” Obamacare.

“It was a heavy lift to pass,” Pelosi said of the 2010 law, which she helped write and shepherd through the House. “I myself would’ve preferred single payer or public option, but this was a compromise, this is a compromise. But it does many of the things that we would’ve done under a public option. So we have a plan that is named affordable. That’s a very important word. Affordable. Because no matter what people say about whether they like their plan or not, their plan was not going to be their plan. Everybody’s premiums were going up.”

Pelosi’s defense came as Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was testifying about the law’s glitches to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

House Republicans are not only seizing on the flawed website – which the Obama administration says they will fix – but also that some Americans appear to be getting kicked off their current insurance plans, despite promises from President Barack Obama that that wouldn’t happen. Pelosi said that represents a small portion of Americans, who shop for insurance on the individual market.

Blog author's comments - Pelosi is no doubt 'proud'...America is now much closer to the government control that Obama, Reid and most of the Democrats want. Pelosi has no worries about her own healthcare, she is a multi-millionaire, so she doesn't even need the government subsidized health plan she has. I am hopeful that the Republican Party can at least maintain control of the House and possibly pickup some Senate seats in 2014. They have to have some power in an attempt to restrain Obama during his last two years in office.

This is why I have always been against halting the 'Individual Mandate' until 2015. I want many of the voters to see how Obamacare will impact their lives. This has started to happen but will become more evident when Obamacare is fully implemented January 1, 2014. The employer mandate was put on hold until 2015, but most of the business owners are bright enough to know what will happen and are already making plans to deal with it.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Recent Videos Concerning Obamacare...

Obamacare Resulting In Dropped
Coverage And Higher Premiums
Barack Obama and the Democrats are
wreaking the best healthcare system ever.

Rep. Darrell Issa: Obama Has Been "Poorly
Served" By Kathleen Sebelius As HHS Secretary
Kathleen Sebelius is in over her head. She is trying
to cover for Obama but I don't believe it is working.

White House Admits Obama's Promise "If
You Like Your Plan You Can Keep It" Isn't True
Press Secretary Carney is not going to convince many who
are losing their health coverage of the benefits of the ACA.

Before Obamacare Passed, The President Repeatedly Told
Americans: "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan."
It was yet another lie from Obama.
Does this surprise many people?

Poll: About One In 10 Americans Say The ACA Has Improved Their Health Insurance Situation

Obama Administration Knew Millions Could Not Keep Their Health Insurance

Blog author's comments - I have to wonder how many of the people who are losing their healthcare plan which they may have had for years and are happy with, voted for Barack Obama. There has to be quite a few who now regret they did not educate themselves about him before going to the polls and putting him in the White House to govern America.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Michelle Obama's Classmate - Executive At Company That Built ACA Website

Daily Caller -- Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the contract to build the failed Obamacare website.

Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princton Alumni.[...]

George Schindler, the president for U.S. and Canada of the Canadian-based CGI Group, CGI Federal’s parent company, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company gained the Obamacare website contract.

As reported by the Washington Examiner in early October, the Department of Health and Human Services reviewed only CGI’s bid for the Obamacare account.

On the government end, construction of the disastrous website was overseen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a division of longtime failed website-builder Kathleen Sebelius’ Department of Health and Human Services.

Entire column...

Blog author's comments - "The Department of Health and Human Services reviewed only CGI’s bid for the Obamacare account." Well, Obama did not lie when he said he wanted to spread our wealth. It looks as though the First Lady is sharing some of it with her college friend. Could this be simply a coincidence? Possibly, but it seems like more Chicago style politics.

This sounds similar to Michelle Obama's cushy deal when she was promoted and given a raise in salary to $317,000 a year at the University of Chicago Medical Center, shortly after Barack Obama was elected to the state Senate. He goes to the White House, she resigns, and that job disappears.

It never stops with Obama and the Democrats. It seems as though it is something new every becomes difficult to keep track of what they just did or are doing.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obama's Legacy The ACA - Is And Will Always Be a Catastrophe For America

CNN Money -- Experts say the major problems with the Obamacare website can't reasonably be solved before the end of 2013, and the best fix would be to start over from scratch.

After assessing the website, Dave Kennedy, the CEO of information-security company Trusted Sec, estimates that about 20% of needs to be rewritten. With a whopping 500 million lines of code, according to a recent New York Times report, Kennedy believes fixing the site would probably take six months to a year.

But would-be Obamacare enrollees only have until Dec. 15 to sign up for coverage starting at the beginning of 2014. Nish Bhalla, CEO of information-security firm Security Compass, said it "does not sound realistic at all" that will be fully operational before that point.

"We don't even know where all of the problems lie, so how can we solve them?" Bhalla said. "It's like a drive-by shooting: You're going fast and you might hit it, you might miss it. But you can't fix what you can't identify."

Several computer engineers said it would likely be easier to rebuild than to fix the issues in the current system. But it's unlikely that the government would toss out more than $300 million worth of work.

The sheer size of is indicative of a major rush job. Rolling the site out too quickly likely increased the number of errors, and that makes the fixes more difficult to implement.

"Projects that are done rapidly usually have a lot of [repetitive] code," said Arron Kallenberg, a software engineer and tech entrepreneur. "So when you have a problem, instead of debugging something in a single location, you're tracking it down all through the code base." [...]

But the Obamacare website has bigger problems than simply getting people registered for health care. The code is also riddled with security holes, according to Kennedy, who outlined his cybersecurity concerns on Trusted Sec's company blog.

"If someone can't register, that's obviously bad -- but if the information gets hacked, you're talking about one of the biggest breaches in American history," Kennedy said. "I think security is an afterthought at this point."

That might not be a major issue now, as people are still having trouble logging onto the site. But once it's up and running, that code had better be made more secure.

"At this point, the car isn't even moving," Bhalla said. "But once we're speeding down the road, you're going to want that seatbelt to work."

Entire column...
Before Obamacare passed, the president repeatedly told Americans:
"If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan. Period." It Was a Lie!

New Obamacare Glitch: Website Giving Users Wrong
Prices, Displays Dramatically Underestimated Premium

Robert Gibbs: "No Doubt" White House Knew Obaamacare
Website Wasn't Going To Work When They Launched It

Blog author's comments - Thousands of consumers who have had healthcare for years, are receiving insurance cancellation notices due to health law changes because of Obamacare. As soon as Obama signed the bill into law he obviously did not follow up with the members of his administration who were in charge of the ACA website or any of the major components such as the plans offered and affordable cost for the plans. The government had over three years to put the entire package together and oversee and provide input while was being developed.

The head of HHS Kathleen Sebelius obviously should not be in the position she holds, she has proven that she is not capable or qualified. And Barack Obama has shown from the beginning of his first term that he is not qualified to be the president. With Obama in the White House for another three years, we are going to be in a very, very deep hole in this country because of the policies of the Obama administration. Obamacare is just one of the problems.

Monday, October 21, 2013

More Untruths From The Obama Administration

Virtually anyone who has tried to purchase insurance in the individual market will attest that it was complicated and time consuming. People were denied and priced out, and they had few if any real choices. This is why the Affordable Care Act Marketplace matters. It is simple and user-friendly, and the coverage is affordable.
-- Kathleen Sebelius

Republicans have had a very bad week. On the same day that Democrats in Congress delivered quality, affordable health insurance to tens of millions more Americans, Republicans in Congress delivered the nation a government shutdown.
-- Sen. Maj. Leader Harry Reid

What the speaker is doing is doubling and tripling down [on] a path that it was always intended to take us to shutting down government," Pelosi said. "They have wiggled this way and that to keep being very resourceful to come up with ways to shut down government. Because as [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid said, they don't believe in government. They're anti-government ideologies.
-- Nancy Pelosi

The product is good. The health insurance that's being provided is good. It's high quality, and it's affordable. People can save money - significant money - by getting insurance that's being provided through these marketplaces. And we know that the demand is there. People are rushing to see what's available.
-- President Obama on Obamacare

I didn't set a red line. The world set a red line.
-- Obama on Syria

There are no more cuts [in spending] to make, It's really important that people understand that.
-- Nancy Pelosi

The recall elections in Colorado were defined by the vast array of obstacles that special interests threw in the way of voters for the purpose of reversing the will of the legislature and the people. This was voter suppression, pure and simple.
-- Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Barack Obama: Half a Million Consumers Have Signed Up for Obamacare

Friday, October 18, 2013

Obamacare Is Already The Disaster Many Of Us Knew It Would Be

Tech Experts: Health Exchange Site Needs Total Overhaul

Administration Spent $9 Million To Sign Up 712 People In Vermont's Obamacare Exchange

Michigan Has No Evidence That Anyone Has Enrolled For Obamacare

Washington State Signs Up 25,000 For Obamacare, Majority Are Welfare Cases

Number Of People In Alaska Who Signed Up For Obamacare Is Now Seven

CBS News: Problems With Obamacare Website "Go Well Beyond"
Sign-Up Difficulty; Duplicate Data Being Sent To Insurers

Blog author's comments - The Obama administration has huge problems to solve concerning what was supposed to be the easy part...the people signing up for Obamacare. They had years to get this ready but obviously it is not ready. The sign-up computer system was slated to cost $93.7 million. So far, it has cost $634 million. If they have the current problems, can the Obamacare users envision how difficult it will be for them to receive answers to their questions about actual healthcare issues they will have?

I do hope Obama does not roll back the individual mandate for Obamacare for another year. I do not believe he will, he is not one to acknowledge a mistake. I want those who have to use Obamacare to see what they will pay in monthly premiums, their deductibles and co-pays for medical coverage and procedures.

Because of the government shutdown the failure of the Obamacare rollout got unnoticed. But now the people may start to pay attention about what Obamacare will do to America. It can help the Republican Party as we move towards the midterm election in 2014. The GOP needs a repeat of what happened in the midterm election of 2010. And they may receive it with the help of Obamacare.

Obamacare Train Wreak