Friday, May 11, 2012

House Democrats Received Training to Make Race The Issue

House Dems trained to make race the issue

Washington Examiner -- House Democrats received training this week on how to address the issue of race to defend government programs, according to training materials obtained by The Washington Examiner.

The prepared content of a Tuesday presentation to the House Democratic Caucus and staff indicates that Democrats will seek to portray apparently neutral free-market rhetoric as being charged with racial bias, conscious or unconscious.

In her distributed remarks, Maya Wiley of the Center for Social Inclusion criticized "conservative messages [that are] racially 'coded' and had images of people of color that we commonly see used" and proposed tactics for countering the Republicans' (presumably) racially-coded rhetoric.

According to Wiley's group's website, "right-wing rhetoric has dominated debates of racial justice – undermining efforts to create a more equal society, and tearing apart the social safety net in the process" for over 25 years. Wiley had been invited to run the Democrats "through their strategy and how they message and talk about stuff" pertaining to race and fiscal policy, a staffer for Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., explained.

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Blog author's comments - Is more training required? They do seem quite adept at accusing the right of racism. This was not a training course. It was a strategy and coordination meeting.

Why do the Democrats need to learn more about playing the race card, they have been using it very well for years. Next week they will probably be tutored in the art of class warfare, but this would also be a waste of time...most Democrats also know how to use this to their advantage.

The Obama administration, the entire Democratic Party and the liberal main stream media will all do everything possible to win a second term for Obama. Our country may never recover if he is reelected President.

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