Monday, January 23, 2012

Allen West - Obama Is Food Stamp President

Allen West: Food stamp president a 'fact'

Politico -- Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Monday defended Newt Gingrich for referring to President Barack Obama as the “food stamp president,” disputing critics who have blasted the former speaker’s comments as racially charged.

“There is no race code. It’s a fact. Since President Obama has been in the Oval Office, you ‘ve seen a 41 percent increase in the food stamp recipients in the United States of America,” West said on Fox News. “We have a president that’s making more American victims rather than victors.”

He added, “We also have a 16 percent increase in Americans on the poverty roll — 6.4 million more Americans are on poverty since President Obama took office.”

Blog author's comments - I believe the comment 'food stamp president' is only racist in liberals minds, something to use in an attempt to stir controversy. They will say and do whatever they feel is necessary to help Obama win a second term.

Allen West is one of the few Republicans I see who is not afraid to speak his mind concerning Barack Obama. From what I know of him he is a person to be trusted and hopefully he has a successful career as a member of the GOP in Washington.

Gingrich - Obama The Food Stamp President

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