Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Surprise - Democrat Defends Muslim TV Show

House Democrat blasts Lowe's for
pulling ads from Muslim-centered TV show

The Hill - Rep. Chris Murphy (D-Conn) on Tuesday morning accused Lowe’s, the nationwide home-improvement chain, of giving weight to anti-Muslim views by pulling its ads from the TLC show “All-American Muslim.”

Murphy said on the House floor that Lowe’s last week pulled its ads after a Florida-based group criticized the show for trying to hide the anti-American views that many Muslims hold. In response to these complaints by the Florida Family Association, Lowe’s pulled its ads, but Murphy said that decision is a dangerous precedent for the company to follow.

“This is a major American company rubber-stamping basic foundational bigotry against a major American religious group,” Murphy said.

“Lowe’s pulled these ads because one right-wing anti-Muslim group in Florida said that the show hides the ‘true agenda of Islam,’ which according to this group is to destroy America. It’s one thing when a fringe group or a radical, unhinged pastor is doing it. It’s quite another when a Fortune 100 company is endorsing this nonsense.”
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Blog author's comments - This is what the Democrats in Congress are discussing? We have high unemployment, the country in immense debt, and they are taking a private business to task for pulling their ad dollars.

"Lowe's employed its Facebook page to defend itself and called "All-American Muslim," a "lightning rod" for "strong political and societal views." Lowe's spokeswoman Karen Cobb said the company was one of "dozens" of companies to pull ads.

Lowe's has no responsibility to anyone except their shareholders. They should never give in to this fake bigotry charge.

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