Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pump Prices Doubled Under Obama

Gasoline up 100% under Obama

washington times -- Feeling pain at the pump? Gas prices have doubled since Mr. Obama took office. According to the GasBuddy gasoline price tracking web site, the price of a gallon of regular gas was around $1.79 when Mr. Obama took office.

Today the national average is $3.58. The lowest average price in the continental United States is $3.31 in Tulsa Oklahoma, the highest is $4.14 in Santa Barbara, CA. Four-dollar-a-gallon gas has arrived on average throughout California, and a number of other states are headed in that direction.

Consumer price index (CPI) figures from February show an unadjusted 12 month gasoline inflation rate of 19.2%, but in the last month alone prices jumped 6.8%, probably because of oil price increases due to instabilities in the Middle East. If the trend continues, gas prices would double again within a year.

100% gasoline price inflation is nothing to brag about, but imagine Mr. Obama going into the 2012 election having to explain why gas costs $7.00 a gallon. I'm sure the White House would spin it as one of their "Green" initiatives.

Blog author's comments - The recent unrest in the Middle East has had some effect on rising prices but a significant factor has been increased oil demand worldwide.

If the Obama administration had wanted to keep prices down they could have increased domestic oil production but, President Obama cut production. Last summer Obama instituted two drilling bans in the Gulf of Mexico. The offshore drilling ban will cut domestic offshore oil production by 13 percent this year.

For many years the 'Green' environmentalists along with the Democrat Party have lobbied against the U.S. drilling for our own oil. Obama does not want us dependent on oil, but the technology he wants to replace our dependency does not exist and will not be available for many decades if ever.

Interior Secretary Salazar canceled 77 leases for oil and gas drilling in Utah in his first month in office. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, there are 800 billion barrels of recoverable oil from oil shale in the Green River Formation, which goes through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. This is three times greater than the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.

Obama has also failed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - where an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil lie beneath a few thousand acres that can be accessed with minimal environmental impact. Those 10 billion barrels are equivalent to 16 years’ worth of imports from Saudi Arabia at the current rate.

As most of us know the economy is in bad shape because of the Obama administrations policies, agenda and out of control spending. The increased gasoline prices will make it worse.

cartoons: Michael Ramirez & Gary Varvel

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya vs. Iraq - Video

Liberal View - Video: "I Don't Care, Obama is Awesome"

Blog author's comments - The left will never see Barack Obama for what he is, a mediocre man who is totally unqualified to be President.

The video shows the leftist hypocrisy quite well. Anything a conservative president does is always bad, and whatever a liberal president does is always portrayed as good for the country.

There are many who are very much like the woman in this video. They played a large part in electing Obama in 2008. The liberals must be defeated in 2012.

This STRATFOR chart shows every energy and oil installation in Libya, offshore and on. Every one is a European-owned entity.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Kirby Said - News Headlines and Columns













Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obama's Rush Into Libya - Why?

Why Are We in Libya? and Other Questions the Media Won't Ask

floyd reports -- Why we are in Libya? This is one of those mysteries we have become accustomed to since the start of the Obama administration.

Not having any experience save for that of the nebulous “community organizer,” when forced to make decisions Obama has proved a dismal failure. Taking actual decisive action causes Obama to flail around swinging wildly like a child trying to break open a pinata.

Now he has unilaterally decided to plunge us into an undeclared war against Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi begging the question: why Mister Obama, why did you declare war without bringing your case before Congress? Does the word “quagmire” ring a bell?

Did I miss the 17 United Nations resolutions on Libya and the way Gaddafi treats his people? If not, then why are we at war with Libya?

Is this a war for oil? If so, why not just drill within our own borders and save the lives, treasure, and national prestige that will be lost in this adventure of yours?

When France and England go home and if Gaddafi outlasts the rest of the Europeans, will we be left holding the bag? Published reports estimate it could cost as much as $3.4 Billion just for a six week engagement.

Since we have no intelligence operation in the Middle East and your CIA Director gets his news from CNN, how do we know the people we are helping are really the ones we want to win?

Maybe the “rebels” are really just Muslim Brotherhood thugs trying to take over? Do you want to help them the way your do-nothing policy helped them in Egypt?

"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."
--Senator Barack Hussein Obama, December 20, 2007

"But the fact of the matter is that when we don’t talk to the American people — we’re debating the most important foreign policy issues that we face, and the American people have a right to know. It is not just Washington insiders that — are part of the debate that has to take place with respect to how we’re going to shift our foreign policy. This is a seminal question."
--Barack Hussein Obama, August 8, 2007

Obama: "The American people have a right to know."

Blog author's comments - It’s certainly not true that we don’t have a good idea who the Libyan rebels are. Does Obama really think he is installing Democracy in Libya?

Too many of the “rebels” Obama is “saving” appear to be members of al-Qaeda and are terrorists and radical Islamists. I would think Obama has to know this.

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qauda links. Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

Why is Obama helping al-Qaeda in Libya? Why is America helping terrorists who fought against the US in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Do we have any assurances that al-Qaeda will not end up in control of Libya?

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said today that Libya did not pose a threat to the United States before the U.S. began its military campaign against the North African country. It was not a vital national interest to the United States.

CBS News has learned, President Obama will address the nation on the Libya offensive on Monday night at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Obama plans to outline why he made the decision to get the United States involved and how he approached the decision.

h/t: GWP
cartoon: Michael Ramirez

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sarah Palin's Slap-Down of Lefty Bill Maher

Sarah Palin hits back at 'annoying little mosquito' Bill Maher

The Hill - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) hit back at Bill Maher on her Facebook page Thursday, likening the TV host to "an annoying little mosquito" and vowing not to get distracted by "vulgar personal shots."

The note from Palin came after Maher's much-criticized remark on his HBO show, in which he called Palin a "dumb twat."

Palin didn't mention Maher by name and pledged not to waste time "responding to personal, vulgar, sexist venom spewed my way."

"Upon my return from an outstanding and productive trip to India and Israel, I've been inundated with requests to respond to petty comments made in the media the past few days, including one little fella's comment which decent people would find degrading," Palin wrote on her Facebook page Thursday night.

"I won't bother responding to it though, because it was made by he who reminds me of an annoying little mosquito found zipped up in your tent; he can't do any harm, but buzzes around annoyingly until it's time to give him the proverbial slap," she continued.

Maher became the subject of conservative ire after his show this past Friday, where he said: "Did you hear this — Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade 'Tsunami.' I mean, she said, 'These "Tsunamians" will not get away with this.' Oh, speaking of dumb twats ... "

Even the National Organization for Women defended Palin. But in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Palin rejected the response from NOW, telling Greta Van Susteren, "I don't want them to defend me."

On her Facebook page Thursday, Palin employed the same language she was criticized for by some earlier in the year, titling the post, "Lamestream Media: Reload or White Flag?"

The former Alaska governor took the occasion to criticize the press, encouraging her supporters not to back down and to "stay focused" in the face of "blatant media bias."

"I was raised to believe that you don’t retreat when you’re on solid ground; so even though it often seems like I’m armed with just a few stones and a sling against a media giant, I’ll use those small resources to do what I can to set the record straight," Palin wrote. "I'll keep correcting false reporting, and I'll defend others to the hilt, but I won't spend any more precious, limited time responding to personal, vulgar, sexist venom spewed my way."

Blog author's comments - Good response by Palin to the comment. Sarah Palin dismisses him as an unimportant, annoying little insect. She treats Maher as he should be... like a piece of crud you would scrape off your shoe.

If all that has been dropped on her by the left has bothered her, she has not let them know it. This is one reason why many of the liberals continue to pummel her, with hope she will go away. This has not happened.

When she insults somebody it's done in a way where she is not appearing mad and flustered or even bothered by the leftist remarks.

I don't know if she will run for president, but at present she is a very good spokesperson and fundraiser for conservatives and the Tea Party movement.

Much of the time I believe that Sarah Palin and Allen West are the only conservatives speaking for the Republican Party.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Editorial Cartoons

A Few of The Most Recent Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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Blog author's comments - Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and 2008, and a three-time Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalism Award winner. He is also one of my favorite editorial cartoonists.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

America's Prominent Journalists Bias? Shocking!

Study: CBS's Couric, NBC's Todd Almost as
Liberal as DKos: WaPo Left of Firedoglake

newsbusters - Twitter and other social networks have provided social scientists with unprecedented means of measuring human interaction. As it turns out, that fact has implications for the media bias debate.

In a study to be released next month, three Duke University researchers rank politicians and other public figures by political ideology as measured by a formula that incorporates whom they follow on Twitter, and who follows them. "The results dovetailed with ideological ranking systems based on the politicians’ voting records," the New York Times reported on Monday.

If the study is accurate, it demonstrates just how liberal some of America's most prominent journalists really are.

According to the Duke study:

- NBC's Chuck Todd and CBS's Katie Couric are almost as far left as the Daily Kos,

- The Washington Post and MSNBC are more liberal than far-left blog Firedoglake,

- NBC's Brian Williams and the Los Angeles Times are further left than Andrew Sullivan's blog the Daily Dish,

- MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, is significantly left of center.

Conspicuously absent from the chart of the study's findings was the New York Times, which, as mentioned above, reported on those findings Monday. One wonders where the Gray Lady would fall on the list.

Blog author's comments - Is anyone shocked by this? There was no need for a study to come to the above conclusion. It is extremely obvious unless you are one of the many liberals who put Obama in office.

They see no network bias. In fact, they don't believe the networks do enough to promote Obama. Obama is not as far left as they would like him to be, if you can fathom that thinking.

The above networks and NY Times are traitors who disseminate non-stop propaganda, anti-America lies, and anti-Semitism and make millions by doing so.

What is truly amazing is many American citizens sit like sponges every evening and soak up whatever ABC, CBS, NBC and even MSNBC reports and actually believe what is said by these so called "journalists."

As for the NYT, they would probably fall in line with WaPo and MSNBC.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Poll - Voters Trust Republicans Over Democrats

Voters Trust Republicans More Than
Democrats on Nine out of 10 Important Issues

rasmussenreports - It’s been two months since Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives and they are now trusted more than Democrats on nine out of ten important issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports.

In early January, voters trusted the GOP on all ten issues. That was the last time Republicans held trust on every issue since late August 2010. Still, this shows a sharp contrast from two years ago when Democrats were trusted more than Republicans on most issues.

The latest national telephone survey finds that 47% of Likely Voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle the economy, an issue that’s been regarded as the most important by voters for several years now. Thirty-nine percent (39%) trust Democrats more on this issue. These findings have shown little change since early June 2009.

Below the economy, in terms of importance, is the issue of healthcare. Forty-six percent (46%) trust Republicans more to handle this issue, while 42% place their trust in Democrats. In December, Democrats had a slight 45% to 43% edge, but it was the first time President Obama’s party had led on the issue since July of last year.

Although the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted earlier this year to repeal the law, the measure has gained little traction in the Senate where Democrats remain in the majority. But the number of voters who are at least somewhat confident that repeal will happen is at the second highest level since the laws passage by Congress a year ago.

Blog author's comments - Lets hope these polling numbers are as good or better just prior to the 2012 election. What the GOP must now do is find a presidential candidate and running mate who can defeat Barack Obama.

Anyone who follows the political climate and cares about our country knows that we cannot allow President Obama and his regime a second term in office. They have in two years done great harm. The deficit numbers are staggering and I don’t believe most people even comprehend them.

The liberals have a much different vision of America than conservatives. If the liberals win the battle over borrow and spend actions which has been happening during the past few years in Washington, they will continue to spend. This will result in large tax hikes for us and for future generations.

I keep repeating this -- but the election of 2012 is the most important election in the history of this country.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama - Joins UK and France in Attack On Libya

US, France Lead Assault On Libya

AP Benghazi, Libya - The U.S. fired more than 100 cruise missiles from the sea while French fighter jets targeted Gadhafi's forces from the air. The U.S. military said 20 sites were hit as the missile strikes targeted air defense installations on or near the coastline, many in the western half of the country that is Gadhafi's stronghold.

After a barrage of attacks by sea-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles Saturday, an array of U.S. warplanes followed Sunday with a coordinated assault using precision-guided bombs, according to a U.S. military official.

President Obama said military action was not his first choice.

MARCH 19, 2011
OBAMA: 'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...

MARCH 19, 2003
BUSH: 'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger'...

Blog author's comments - I don't believe the United States should have participated in the attack on Libya along with the UK and France.

Yes, Gadhafi has blood on his hands but this was a civil war between the Gadhafi regime and the rebel protesters. The rebels knew what could happen when they decided to take action against Gadhafi.

Do we know if the 'rebels' are all Libyans? If Gadhafi is defeated or assassinated who will be in control of the country? My guess is more Islamic terrorists.

What will stop the United Nations from imposing a No-Fly Zone against Israel when they need to protect themselves from their many enemies who want to see them dead?

Did Obama consult with Congress before taking this action? I don't think so. I do believe that George W. Bush had the votes of most of the Democrats before he invaded Iraq, the same people who later chastised him for the war.

Apparently the policies of George W. Bush during his time in office were not as bad as Obama, the left, and the MSM have been telling anyone who will listen. Obama is following much of the same plan.

He has the U.S. involved in Libya, the U.S. is still in Iraq and Afghanistan. 'Club Gitmo' is still open, the 'Bush tax cuts' have been extended for another two years and the 'Patriot Act' is still in effect.

I am guessing that now the left does not find these policies wrong. I suppose all of this is now okay as long as a liberal Democrat is in charge. Does the left find itself betrayed?

HT:Drudge Report

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kirby Said - News Headlines and Columns

News Headlines . . .










Thursday, March 17, 2011

NRCC Video: Obama - All Talk, No Action

National Republican Campaign Committee Video

Blog author's comments - With the out of control spending Obama and his fellow Dems have been doing over the past two years --and still blaming Bush for the current deficit -- these sound bites would be humorous, if he did not really expect the voters to believe him.

Of course he still has his left-wing base, along with the MSM, who are certain he can do no wrong.

Obama just needs more of our money. After all, isn’t the mantra of the Democrat Party 'there is no problem more money cannot fix'?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eric Holder - Lowers Test Scores For Minorities

Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly: The Dayton PD May as Well Do Away
With the Test and Have a Lottery to Hire New Police Officers

bill o' - Police departments lowering standards for minorities?

Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered the police force in Dayton, Ohio to lower testing standards so more blacks can qualify for the force. The local NAACP chapter argued against lower standards, but the national NAACP took a far different view.

"The NAACP defended Eric Holder and his whole program," said Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. "They say that if the test is bad and it's discriminating against minorities, then the Department of Justice has to do something.

Not enough African Americans and Hispanic Americans were passing the old test, so Dayton hired an outside company to revamp the test to make sure it's fair. The Department of Justice also said they have to lower the passing score from a 'D' to an 'F'. An 'F' is now passing because Eric Holder says so."

Blog author's comments - What Eric Holder and Obama are telling the minorities when they force the dumbing-down of a test is that the minorities in America, as judged by the liberals, are stupid and ignorant and cannot compete or make it in life without their help.

Is the testing standard lowered for everyone or only minorities? If it is lowered for everyone there will be more competition and more dumb white guys will be eligible for the job.

How long will it be before Eric Holder decides that it is racist to even administer a test? Just give "his people" the job.

What happens is if you tell people for generations that they are “victims” and are not able to compete, can't take care of themselves, and are less intelligent than others, the result is that eventually they will live up to those expectations.

As Sarah Palin recently said...2012 cannot come soon enough!

Reference from this blog - Attorney General Refers to Black Americans as "My People"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

N.R.A. Tells Obama - We Will Not Be There

N.R.A. Declines to Meet With Obama on Gun Policy

NY Times - More than two months after the Tucson shootings, the administration is calling together both the gun lobby and gun safety groups to find common ground. But President Obama has no plans to take the lead in proposing further gun control legislation, aides say, and the nation’s major gun rights group is snubbing the invitation.

On Tuesday, officials at the Justice Department will meet with gun control advocates in the first of what will be a series of meetings over the next two weeks with people on different sides of the issue, including law enforcement, retailers and manufacturers, to seek agreement on possible legislative or administrative actions.

The effort follows Mr. Obama’s call, in a column on Sunday in a Tucson newspaper, to put aside “stale policy debates” and begin “a new discussion” on ways to better enforce and strengthen existing laws to keep mentally unstable, violent and criminal people from getting guns.

But the National Rifle Association, for decades has been the most formidable force against proposals to attempt to limit gun sales or ownership, is refusing to join the discussion — possibly dooming it from the start, given the lobby’s clout with both parties in Congress. Administration officials had indicated they expected that the group would be represented at a meeting, perhaps on Friday.

“Why should I or the N.R.A. go sit down with a group of people that have spent a lifetime trying to destroy the Second Amendment in the United States?” said Wayne Lapierre, the longtime chief executive of the National Rifle Association.

He named Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has almost no role in gun-related policies, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder.

“It shouldn’t be a dialogue about guns; it really should be a dialogue about dangerous people,” Mr. LaPierre said, adding that his group has supported proposals to prevent gun sales to the mentally ill, strengthen a national system of background checks and spur states to provide needed data. - Continue reading > >

Blog author's comments - Good call by the NRA and Wayne LaPierre. Some people still have principles. He knows exactly what he is dealing with and wants no part of this charade to chip away at our Second Amendment rights. Obama and Holder are two of the most anti-gun people in Washington.

Obama is also having this meeting to appease his anti-gun/anti-second amendment leftist crowd. He does not want them to say he did nothing after the Tucson shooting.

Keep the guns in the hands of law abiding citizens and this will solve most of the problems. I believe that Obama and Holder only care about trying to force their unwanted agenda down our throats.

The “gun lobby” (NRA) is strong on gun safety, along with gun owners rights and strong penalties for those who use guns to commit crimes. The “gun safety groups” are for limiting and banning guns.

Repeated polling has found that a majority of Americans believe the constitution ensures their right to own a gun. And a majority also supports stricter enforcement of current laws.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kucinich - Islam is a Religion Based Upon Peace

Kucinich: If Resentment Grows, Peace Will be Delayed

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement regarding the Committee on Homeland Security hearing titled “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.”

“In the nine years since the dreadful attacks on September 11th, America has sought to reconcile differences among ourselves and with the world. We have sought friendship with Muslim and Arab communities. President Obama, at the beginning of his term, traveled to the Middle East, underscoring the importance of that region."

“Despite efforts to improve relations between our nation and the Muslim and Arab world, America has stumbled. Two wars have been waged in the Middle East, further degrading our image among the world’s Muslim and Arab people."

“A Congressional hearing to investigate our friends and neighbors jeopardizes the fragile progress we have made and creates a longer gap for peace to bridge."

“This hearing insinuates that violence and the Muslim religion go hand in hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is a religion based upon peace, goodwill and the ethical treatment of all people on this planet..”

“This kind of stereotyping opens the door to discrimination against the 2.5 million Muslims that live peacefully among us in the United States of America and the 1.66 billion Muslims that live throughout the world. We must not allow the acts of a few stoke the flames of xenophobia and resentment in this nation. If this resentment grows, peace will be delayed."
Blog author's comments - “Islam is a religion based upon peace." With the exceptions of course being women, Jews and non-believers?

How does Kucinich continue to be reelected to congress? The state of Ohio is now controlled by the Republican Party and it will soon be time for redistricting. Perhaps Gov. Kasich can see to it that Kucinich is redistricted out of office.

About 93% of Palestinians are Muslim. How many times has the U.S. tried to form a peace accord between Palestine and Israel? Has this been successful? Which party continues to ignore any peace agreement between the two?

The majority of Palestinians, Iranians and soon Egypt, after the Muslim Brotherhood takes over the country, want to destroy Israel but have not waged a full scale attack because the United States has been Israel's strongest and most powerful ally. With Obama as President this does not seem to be the case.

JERUSALEM (AP) - The U.S. Embassy said Monday it was “deeply concerned” by Israeli plans to build hundreds of new homes in West Bank settlements, calling the Israeli enclaves “illegitimate” and an obstacle to resuming direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

In a defiant response to a deadly attack on an Israeli settler family over the weekend, Israel swiftly approved the construction of between 300 and 500 new homes in major West Bank settlement blocks. Jewish settlement construction is at the crux of the current impasse in peace efforts.

“They murder, we build,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday during a condolence call to the grieving family. Palestinian militants are presumed to have carried out the assault.

“We’re deeply concerned by continuing Israeli actions on settlements in the West Bank,” the statement from the U.S. Embassy said. “As we said before, we view these settlements as illegitimate and as running counter to efforts to resume direct negotiations.”

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Editorial Cartoons

Editorial Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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Blog author's comments - Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and 2008, and a three-time Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalism Award winner.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Obama Is Lying About Our Oil Production

Limbaugh Can't Believe Obama Is
Lying On American Oil Production

The President of the United States is misleading the public about domestic oil production and how much untapped oil is left in the ground. He said that domestic oil production is at the highest level in seven years.

Blog author's comments - Not only is the President being untruthful about increased oil production but so is his Interior secretary Ken Salazar.

Last week, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar told congress that oil production in the Gulf of Mexico "remained at an all-time high, and we expect that it will continue as we bring new production online." He claimed: "In 2009 there were 116 rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, in 2010 in February, 120, in February 2011, 126."

But Salazar's numbers distort the true number of working rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

--Four days before the Deepwater Horizon accident there were 55 rotary rigs actually drilling offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

--On May 28, 2010, when the administration announced the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling, there were 46 rotary rigs operating in the Gulf.

--Last week, 25 rotary rigs were operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Visit Energy Tomorrow for more information on the number of oil rigs that are in production and the decline in oil that is being produced.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Very Special Guide Dogs

Blind man keeps his old guide dog after it loses it's sight...and then gets a new one who now leads them both around - After six years of loyal service, Graham Waspe was devastated when his guide dog Edward was left blind after developing cataracts. But his devastation turned to joy when his replacement Opal turned out to be a real gem.

Mr. Waspe's new dog is not just aiding his owner to carry out everyday tasks, but also helping Edward.

Man (and dog's) best friend: Graham Waspe cuddles up with guide dog Opal (left) and Edward at his home.

Mr. Waspe, of Stowmarket, Suffolk, received his new dog last November after Edward developed the inoperable problem which resulted in him needing both eyes removed. The two-year-old dog has stepped in where Edward left off as they tour their old haunts together.

While Edward is well known across the schools and community groups of Suffolk, Opal is now building his own reputation as their owners give talks about the Guide Dogs charity, training for such special dogs and the incredible ways they help their owners.

Graham said: "Opal's been great for both of us. I don't know what we'd do without her."

And his wife Sandra, 58, said "that despite the loss of his eyes, Edward still loved nothing more than to be around children, have his tummy tickled and receive lots of attention."

The eight-year-old has been retired for four months but the loss of his eyesight has shown no sign of slowing him down.

Sandra said: "We were both devastated and cried buckets on the night they told us they were going to remove his first eye."

Graham said then "do you think he will ever be happy again?" and then they said they would have to remove the second eye.

She added: "He is still very popular - just as much, if not more than before. People ask lots of questions about how he copes and he is probably more famous now because even more people stop to talk to him."

"Sandra said Opal had arrived shortly after Edward retired and the two dogs got along fine."

"Opal arrived far quicker than expected because, sadly, a couple of people in the Stowmarket area with fairly young guide dogs had died,' she said. We got Opal on November 12 and she started training with Graham on the 16th and they were qualified in early December."

Mr. Waspe has limited vision in only one of his eyes following two separate incidents earlier in his life and coped without a guide dog until 2004.

As well as carrying out their school visits to raise awareness, the Waspes also do vital fundraising and run a local group.

Blog author's comments - I obviously thought this to be quite a heartwarming story. These dogs give their owners a new lease on life and give them back their independence.

There are Guide dogs, Hearing dogs, Alert/response dogs and Service dogs. They are all trained to provide various tasks depending upon their owners needs.

These dogs do not need to be pedigreed dogs, because for these types of dogs, there are different things to look for. A dog’s temperament, character traits, and health are all far more important things to consider.

Depending on the service the dog will provide it usually takes approximately two years to train a dog.

I believe most dogs and cats are special beings we have been blessed with. All they require is a little kindness and love from their owners and they will be a loyal friend for life.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sarah Palin - Michael Moore Is a Hypocrite

Sarah Palin on the Hannity Show

This is what Sarah Palin was referring to when she mentioned Michael Moore choosing not to use union workers on his most recent film.

This was not a good week for some Democrats. The Wisconsin Republican Assembly passed their union regulating bill, and then Sarah Palin pointed out what a hypocrite Michael Moore was.

After an appearance at a rally with the protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, Moore appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Moore said: "Wisconsin is not broke, America is not broke, the money is just not in the people's hands." "We have trillions of dollars in our economy, the problem is, the money isn't where it needs to be."

He brought a pair of hand cuffs on the show and pressed his case that the richest people in America and people on Wall Street should be locked up. He must believe they are all criminals who cheated or stole their money.

Here is the most recent list from Forbes Magazine of the 400 Wealthiest Americans.

Blog author's comments - Sarah Palin is correct, Moore is a (leftist promoting socialist) hypocrite. He like many other liberals always has a place at MSNBC to spew their views.

Here we have an over weight rich man speaking for the liberals and attacking the rich. I don't believe that works for middle America Mr. Moore.

Yet another classic case of “do as I say, not as I do” coming from the left.

h/t: GWP

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time To Stop Taxpayer Funding Of NPR

White House Stands By NPR:
"A Worthwhile And Important Priority"

real clear politics - "We believe that -- or rather we do not support calls to eliminate funding for National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

As is evidenced by -- we think they're -- they are worthwhile and important priorities as our budget makes clear," White House press secretary Jay Carney said today.

NPR executive and NPR CEO fired

NPR executive Ron Schiller was the first to go. NPR chief executive officer Vivian Schiller resigned Wednesday in the wake of a sting video that showed fundraiser and NPR executive Ron Schiller (no relation) caught on hidden camera disparaging conservatives, the tea party movement, and former NPR political analyst Juan Williams who was fired in October.

Last week, two Republican senators introduced another bill to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which also funds NPR.

President Barack Obama had set aside $451 million for public media in his proposed budget.

With congressional Republicans renewing efforts to defund NPR and Public Broadcasting, the timing of this video sting could not be worse for the embattled publicly-funded entity which purports to be a “news organization.”

Blog author's comments - It is time for the government to stop the help they provide in funding NPR. Many critics, me included, say NPR is liberally biased and taxpayers shouldn't be forced to support them.

Some advocates of cutting off funding say NPR should make up the money from other sources and become more independent.

Obama of course wants to continue funding them as another leftist prop for the Democrats. There should be no government media.

Most conservatives have always known that NPR leans to the left politically. Now many more should also know this if they have seen the video featuring the NPR employee.

NPR Executive Caught On Tape

h/t: washington times

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kirby Said - News Headlines and Columns

News Headlines . . .











Monday, March 7, 2011

Fuel Prices - What To Do - Who To Blame

The price of gasoline when Obama took office was approximately $1.87 a gallon, today it is averaging over $3.50 and experts predict higher prices by mid-summer.

Who Did Nancy Pelosi Blame For High Gas Prices
in 2008? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Networks Link Bush to 'Skyrocketing' Gas
Prices 15 Times More Than Obama

newsbusters - As gas prices rose in 2008, network reporters mentioned President Bush in 15 times as many stories than they brought up President Obama in a similar period in 2011.

Bush drew gallons of coverage in 2008. Comparing a 20-day span of rising gas prices in 2008 to 24 days of rising prices in February 2011, the Business & Media Institute found the networks did more than 2 ½ times as many stories during the Bush years versus Obama.

Unrest in the Mideast has hit American consumers hard, driving up gas prices that had already been above $3-a-gallon since Dec. 23. The national average for gasoline hit $3.36 on Feb. 28, the highest ever for the month of February according to The Associated Press. But the amount of network news coverage of rising gas prices did not reflect it.

Networks Fail to Mention Obama's Anti-Oil Actions. President Obama is the most anti-oil president in years and has taken specific steps to limit domestic oil production including a moratorium on deepwater drilling in May 2010 after the BP spill and the recent imposition of new regulations on the industry. Yet, the networks refused to notice in the recent gas prices stories Business & Media Institute analyzed, just as they did in December 2010.

What High Gas Prices Mean for the U.S. Economy? Moratoriums and permit delays have already costs jobs and threatened businesses and "soaring" gas prices could damage the fragile U.S. economy even more. Some analysts have predicted $5-a-gallon gasoline which would be "devastating," but "serious" consequences could result even if prices only reach the $3.75-a-gallon range.

AP reported that some businesses are already taking the hit for extra fuel costs because they don't think the economy is strong enough to pass it on in the form of higher prices. - Continue reading > >

Blog author's comments - Many people blame the oil companies for the rise in gasoline prices. Of course the companies want to make money, but they know that if the prices rise too high, many folks will attempt to buy less gasoline. The businesses that need gas and oil may have to purchase it at any price and attempt to pass the expense on to the consumer. The entire economy will be more depressed than it is now.

Much of the rise in gasoline prices can be blamed on the recent turmoil in the Middle East. But, what I believe is more important are the restrictions in place on the drilling and refining of oil within the U.S. borders.

For decades the 'green' people with help from the Democrats, have done everything they could to curtail drilling and energy independence. The Obama administration has almost halted oil exploration in the Gulf since the BP oil spill by refusing to issue drilling permits.

The technology for any other source of energy does not exist at this time. The U.S. needs affordable gasoline and oil. We need oil now and will for decades and we should be drilling now for our own oil. The Mainstream Media puts little blame for the high gasoline prices on the Obama regime.

video via: HAP

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Quick History Test - Give It A Try

How Well Do You Know Your Country?

This is a fun test. If you do well, congratulations. If you do not, then study. We all need to know our American History.

Below is a link to a 30-question test to see how well you know U.S. Laws. This is not exactly grade-school level. Give it a try, and see how well you do!

96% of all high school seniors FAILED this test...AND if that's not bad enough, more than 50% of those over 50 also failed.

Only you will see your test score. Click Here To Begin. All of the correct answers are shown at the end of the test.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Editorial Cartoons

Latest Editorial Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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Blog author's comments - Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and 2008, and a three-time Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalism Award winner.

Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow, an honorary member of Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society, and has won almost every journalism award in addition to the prestigious UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the 2005 National Journalism Award, the 2008 Fischetti Award and The H. L. Mencken Award.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Federal Jobs Grow - Private Sector Jobs Do Not

Federal Workforce Continues to Grow Under Obama Budget - Since the beginning of the last recession (December 2007) the private sector workforce has shrunk by 6.6% while shedding more than 7.5 million jobs. Over that same time period, the federal government workforce (excluding Census and Postal workers) has grown by 11.7% while adding 230,000 jobs.
This trend has continued throughout the Obama Administration. Since President Barack Obama was sworn into office, the private sector workforce has shrunk by 2.6% while shedding 2.9 million jobs while the federal workforce (excluding Census and Postal workers) has grown by 7% while adding more than 144,000 jobs.

Now, President Obama's FY 2012 budget budget proposes adding even more people to the federal payroll. Specifically, the President wants to create an additional 15,000 federal government jobs including 4,182 additional Internal Revenue Service employees 1,054 of which will be need to implement Obamacare alone.

The problem with all these additional government jobs is that government spending does not create the economic growth needed to sustain private sector job growth.

Comments via Heritage analysts James Sherk and Rea Hederman - "The resources the government spends do not materialize out of thin air—they are taken from the private sector. Research shows that government spending crowds out private investment. Each $1 increase in government spending reduces private-sector investment by between $0.46 and $0.97 after two years and $0.74 and $0.95 over five years.

Government spending substitutes for private-sector investment; it does not supplement it. Increased government spending further reduces private-sector investment, making the problem of low job creation worse. Moreover, government spending misdirects economic resources. Political priorities, not economic return, drive government spending. The desires of influential Members of Congress and political fads determine where government appropriations are allocated. This often differs greatly from the use that creates the most wealth and jobs.

This is one of the main reasons why countries in which the government spends heavily to create jobs—such as France and Germany—do not enjoy higher employment rates. In fact, countries with greater government spending and larger public-sector payrolls have higher unemployment."

Blog author's comments - Interesting information from the Heritage Foundation concerning the Federal workforce jobs and the private sector jobs created.

I think that the 8.9% unemployment rate released today is a highly suspect number. Gallup says unemployment is 10.3% and underemployment is now 19.9%. It is my belief that the Federal Government is playing with the numbers, which is why we are seeing a gradual drop in the unemployment rate, which seems to me began since the November midterm elections.

The goal for the Obama regime is to spin the unemployment number to 8% or less prior to the election of 2012, which they hope will make the economy a non-issue and pave the way for a second term for Barack Obama.

The recent jobs numbers say that unemployment is down. But the unemployment statistics are drawn from those who are filing claims for unemployment benefits; once a person exhausts their benefits they are no longer counted among the unemployed even though they are, obviously, still unemployed. That makes the situation look better than it actually is.

Also not counted are those people who have stopped looking for work, the underemployed and many part-time workers who would prefer a full time job but cannot find one.

Per Gallup - unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, hit 10.3% in February -- up from 9.8% at the end of January. The U.S. unemployment rate is now essentially the same as the 10.4% at the end of February 2010.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Airmen Killed - Obama Outraged But Also Stumped

'Saddened...outraged' - Inquiry promised on airmen attack

politico - In a surprise appearance in the White House press briefing room, President Barack Obama said Wednesday the government will “spare no effort” to determine why a gunman fatally shot two American airmen and wounded two others at the commercial airport in Frankfurt.

“I’m saddened, and I am outraged, by this attack that took the lives of two Americans and wounded two others,” he said in a brief statement. “I think the American people are united in expressing our gratitude for the service of those who were lost.”

Obama told reporters he and first lady Michelle Obama “are praying for a speedy recovery for those who were injured” and for those who lost loved ones. He also promised that the government would use every resource to discover “how this outrageous attack took place.” - Continue reading > >

Blog author's comments - On Wednesday (March 2, 2011) - Obama said he wants to use every resource to discover “how this outrageous attack took place.”

Is this one of the unexplainable happenings like Fort Hood, 9/11, The Cole bombing? Obama seems stumped. President Obama, we know what happened. Terrorism is an act of war not a crime. We know who did it an Islamist. The question is what are you and your Administration going to do about it?

If a non-Muslim takes the lives of innocents, it's immediately thought to be caused by right wing hate speech, talk radio, etc according to the MSM and most Democrats.

When a Muslim takes the lives of innocents it’s all so very confusing, the motives are unclear, we have to study the situation and of course spare no effort to solve the mystery.

**Story update**(Thursday March 3, 2011) - Authorities in Europe are calling the shooting at a Frankfurt, Germany, airport that claimed the lives of two U.S. servicemen an act of Islamic terrorism, though U.S. investigators said it is too soon to tell.

21-year-old Arid Uka, who was captured immediately after Wednesday's shooting, admitted to the deadly attack and said he acted alone.

Uka allegedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he opened fire on a bus carrying U.S. airmen in Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, killing two and wounding two others before his gun jammed, officials said.

The U.S. has launched an FBI-led investigation into the shooting and officials told ABC News it is too soon to determine whether the attack was an act of terror and if the suspect acted alone. However, a senior U.S. intelligence official told ABC News the attack was likely terror-related.

I wonder if Barack Obama is still stumped as to why and how this happened.

The US State Department refuses to call this a terrorist attack.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a Few - 'Feel Good' Videos

Special Basketball Player - Jason McElwain

Marine Surprises His Two Daughters at School

The Greatest Play In Baseball

Blog author's comments - I hope that you enjoy the videos.