Monday, February 28, 2011

Justice Dept. Asks Judge To Clarify His Ruling

The Obama administration's 'risky move' in Florida

politico - U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson has already dealt the Obama administration a staggering blow on health reform, and this week the administration may get another one from the fiery Florida judge.

The Justice Department asked Vinson to clarify his ruling that struck down the law as unconstitutional. Justice must file its brief on the motion by Monday, and Vinson has said he would rule quickly after that. At issue is whether Vinson meant to stop reform implementation in the 26 states that brought the suit.

The smart money says Vinson will halt implementation, and legal observers are wondering why Justice would take that risk.

“Having lost one game of chicken when it came to the severability of the mandate, the government is now challenging the same judge to back down on whether his decision is binding. Seems like a risky move,” said Randy Barnett, a law professor at Georgetown University.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law professor at The George Washington University, said he was surprised by the Justice Department’s move, given that it could have gotten a lot of support for its view that Vinson’s ruling wasn’t clear enough to shut down state implementation.

“I’ve really thought hard about what’s the tactical reason,” Turley said.

A Justice Department spokeswoman would not comment.

In his original ruling, Vinson stopped just short of issuing an injunction. He cited a court case that said a declaratory judgment is usually assumed to be “the functional equivalent of an injunction” when the executive branch is involved, because administration officials “will adhere to the law as declared by the court.”

“There is no reason to conclude that this presumption should not apply here,” Vinson wrote. - Continue reading > >

Blog author's comments - I have to wonder what the Justice Department and Obama have in mind - to push a Federal judge to re-clarify a ruling of his when he has already said the Obamacare law was null and void.

If they do not get what they want, they could next risk the SCOTUS who could say we will not hear the case and let Judge Vinson's ruling stand.

The ruling left no doubt as to what the judge wants. He stated in his opinion that an injunction is unnecessary because the ruling views the whole statute as unconstitutional.

If Obamacare is ever fully implemented the country is in deep trouble. This is only one of the reasons why the Obama regime must be defeated in 2012.

Judge Vinson will probably make his ruling quickly so we should soon see what the Justice Department and Obama will do next.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Union Thug - Protesters Out Of Control

Fox News Reporter Gets Hit While
Wisconsin Protesters Scream 'Fox News Lies'

The Wisconsin protesters are getting restless and angrier as the chants of “Fox News lies” grew louder and louder around reporter Mike Tobin.

As some of the protesters eagerly tried to block the camera shot, the picture then switched away from Tobin out on the street to inside the Capitol building. Tobin’s voiceover continued as he exclaimed “a guy just hit me.”

Tobin said he has received much heckling, and that a teacher even told him she hates him because it made her feel good. The “utter lack of civility and harassment of reporters,” as anchor Gregg Jarrett described it, is truly breathtaking and seems like a weird strategy to try and win support for one’s cause.

During a later live shot Fox’s Mike Tobin reports a Wisconsin protester said: 'I Will Break Your Neck’.

Blog author's comments - Many of you may remember during the campaign, a speech when Obama was speaking to his supporters he said "I want you to argue with them, get in their face."

The unions are now following Obama's marching orders. He is probably quite proud of them because he is very pro-union.

I believe the actions of some of the union members across the country will eventually hurt them. Many private sector workers are finally realizing that there are many public sector - union protected workers - who are making more in salary and benefits than their private sector working neighbors via their tax dollars.

Keep it up Dems. All we have to do if you continue your violent protests is sit back and watch you self destruct!

h/t: mediaite

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allen West - Possible VP Nominee For 2012

Allen West not ruling out VP bid:
'I'm always willing to serve my country'

The Hill - Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is not closing the door to being considered for the vice presidential spot, despite only having served in Congress for less than three months.

Speculation over West was sparked Friday when former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), who is considering a presidential bid, said that a number of Florida GOP politicians would do well as vice president, including West.

When asked about Gingrich's comments by WPTV, West asked, "He said that?"

"I have to pray about it and I have to clear it with my wife and two daughters," he added. "I never thought that seven years ago when I retired here I'd be a United States congressman, and that I'd be standing in front of your news camera. So we don't know what the future holds, but I'm always willing to serve my country."

West, 50, is one of two black Republicans elected to Congress in the 2010 midterm elections, which saw the GOP take control of the House with the backing of Tea Party activists. Florida has never had a candidate on a national ticket, according to WPTV.

To become vice president, West would need to be chosen by the Republican Party's presidential nominee after a thorough vetting process.

During his short time in Washington, West has garnered significant media attention for his staunchly conservative views on policy and his tough talk.

West, a decorated lieutenant colonel, served in the Iraq war but was the subject of an investigation into his behavior during an interrogation of an Iraqi police officer, and subsequently retired.

Blog author's comments - I would be comfortable with Congressman Allen West as the VP nominee of the Republican Party in 2012.

Allen West is an honorable person, who has already shown how much he cares for America and the Constitution. I believe he is the man we have been waiting for and need. He could very well help push the Presidential nominee, whomever that may be, over the finish line to victory.

The problem is we must soon find the party's nominee for President. I would be confident with Chris Christie but he must be convinced to run. 2016 may be too late. The GOP must win in 2012!

I have much respect for West as the links to a few of my previous blog posts about him (below) have shown. West is a solid family man who has served his country well in combat is an intelligent speaker and a natural leader.

West, a lieutenant colonel, served in Operation Desert Storm and the Iraq war. He also worked in Afghanistan as an advisor for the Department of Defense.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Tennessee and his master's degree in political science from Kansas State University. He also earned a master of military arts and sciences degree from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military history and operations.

I believe Christie and West are now ready to address the mess this country is in. We desperately need leadership, both for our country and U.S. representation abroad. We need a team who can bring America back from the edge of doom and I believe they are up to the task.

We shall see if Allen West is selected to run as the VP candidate of the GOP in 2012. Over the past few months he has talked about the political opportunism of the left and has addressed fiscal responsibility which the country is now lacking.

I thought he brought down the house with the speech he gave at CPAC and most recently he showed everyone he is a fighter and leader when he did not back down when confronted by a CAIR executive at a town hall meeting in Florida.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Editorial Cartoons

Latest Editorial Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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Blog author's comments - Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and 2008, and a three-time Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalism Award winner.

Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow, an honorary member of Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society, and has won almost every journalism award in addition to the prestigious UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the 2005 National Journalism Award, the 2008 Fischetti Award and The H. L. Mencken Award.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Laura Ingraham Show - Huckabee Slams Matthews

Mike Huckabee Strikes Back At Chris Matthews:
'See a Doctor - You're Off Your Meds and Out of Control'

newsbusters - As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Wednesday accused former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee of wanting to commit "ethnic cleansing" on Arabs in Israel's West Bank.

After conservative radio host Laura Ingraham played the "Hardball" clip to Huckabee on her radio program Thursday, the Fox News contributor had some choice words for the man that admits getting thrills up his leg when President Obama speaks.

HUCKABEE: Can you believe this guy? I mean, come on. Chris Matthews, he’s got to be one of the most incredibly interesting people who gets a job in the media today. And he’s calling me a lunatic because I happen to believe that you can’t take a country like Israel, with its tiny little strip of real estate, and continue to allow its enemies to sit on top of them.

Guess what? That doesn’t work. When you have this organization called the Palestinians, and they don’t even think that Israel should exist, and never have yet acknowledged their right to an existence, and you want to give more land to them so they can be even closer to your children’s playground so they can throw, shoot rockets at them, this is, this is really amazing.

But I tell you what, I want to say to Chris Matthews, “Chris, see a doctor. Do it quickly. You’re out of control. You’re off your meds. You absolutely must get help. And do it today.”

Blog author's comments - Is it a shock to anyone why MSNBC has such low ratings? I never watch the network but I see the on-line clips of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. It is true; they are all out of control. At least they finally fired Keith Olbermann.

It is no surprise that the few viewers they have are the hard core left-wingers who actually believe what these people say and use MSNBC as their only source for political news.

Even though Huckabee is near the top in a few of the early polls as the GOP's candidate for 2012, I don't believe he can defeat Obama.

We have less than two years to come up with someone to make Obama a one term president and it has to happen. Obama has to be defeated and the GOP must win back control of the Senate and retain the House of Representatives.

Obama cannot be allowed to inflict any more damage on our country.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Congressman West on Fox News Responds To His Exchange With CAIR Executive.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Allen West Rips CAIR Executive

Congressman Allen West at a Townhall Meeting in Florida

Much of the video below is difficult to understand because of the audience noise. But, basically Congressman Allen West told the Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to pound sand!

At a townhall meeting hosted by Congressman Allen West on Monday evening in Pompano Beach, the Q&A segment of the meeting featured a Koran wielding Nezar Hamze, Executive Director of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Hamze confronted Congressman West and asked him to point out where in the Koran does it give marching orders to Muslims “to carry out attacks against Americans and innocent people”.

West quickly pointed out that the Koran was written long before America even existed and that it does indeed tell believers to kill infidels, and then proceeded to chronicle a lengthy list of historical Muslim acts of aggression.

Congressman West closed his retort by referencing the Fort Hood shootings and 9-11 attacks, saying that his first hand experiences on the battlefield has given him insight into the tactics that Islamists use before telling Hamze not to “try to blow sunshine up my butt” with his criticism of him. West took offense to Hamze’s amateurish criticism of his stance on radical Islam and concluded by telling Mr. Hamze to “put the microphone down and go home.”

Blog author's comment - Thank you Congressman West for standing up for America. It’s about damn time somebody besides our troops stood up for us!

The CAIR rep challenges Allen West on Islam being violent and West doesn’t back down one bit. Though much of the video is hard to understand it’s enough to see this man is a fighter.

Allen West may be the only person with the guts to stand up to the internal and external forces that wish for this country to fail. He may be the only person who can save our nation.

Thank you Allen West for overcoming the constraints political correctness has shackled around America. We too often fear to speak the truth but you have set a courageous and intelligent example. Allen West is a natural leader.

Can anyone imagine Romney, Huckabee or Gingrich talking this way? We need a fighter running for President in 2012.

h/t: shark-tank

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin Union Protests - Lauded By Liberals

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Wisconsin GOP
Video Shows Hateful Rhetoric At Protests

Not long ago the left was attempting to convince everyone that all of the hateful violent rhetoric was coming from the right. The Tea Party protests were one of the prime targets along with of course Sarah Palin.

The left-wing Main Stream Media were firing at them on a daily basis. The Wisconsin Republican Party has assembled a video of this past week's liberal protests against the governor's emergency budget bill.

It seems to me that there is plenty of hate filled angry rhetoric coming from the left and as most of us know there always has been.

This is their way of expressing themselves. It is easier for the left to go into name calling mode than face reality and actually debate a subject they may feel strongly about.

Blog author's comments - Under Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal, almost every public employee would have to contribute 5.8 percent toward their pensions, and state workers would pay 12.6 percent of their health insurance premiums. I also believe the bill would limit negotiating rights to salaries only.

The bill received a legislative hearing on Tuesday amid criticism from public employees across the state. The unions of course went ballistic. We shall now see who blinks first.

Unionizing state employees is not about better teachers. It's about more power for the Democrat Party. How could you get people more loyal to the government than unions? Let's hope Governor Walker does not budge.

The Wisconsin Senate Democrats who left the state rather than debating the governor's bill should know that if you want to participate in a democracy you have to be where the debate should be taking place -- and that is Madison, Wisconsin, not hiding out in some motel in another state.

From my understanding of this situation the state like many others, is going broke and the governor asked the teachers to help out by making a small contribution to their already generous benefit package.

Everyone should have to participate for the common good. And what do the teachers do via the union direction - call in sick, shut down the schools and even take some of the kids to the protests.

video via: the blaze

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rep. Allen West On Fiscal Irresponsibility

Disgusted Allen West to Dems: Grow Up!

newsmax - Rookie U.S. Rep. Allen West delivered a stinging indictment of his colleagues in a letter to constituents in which he rails about House members’ “ignorance, belligerence, and dishonest rhetoric.” Without naming names, but clearly implying that he was including President Barack Obama, the Florida Republican also decried Washington’s interference with Wisconsin’s budget turmoil. The text of the letter to residents of Florida's 22nd District:

“Over this past week I have watched and listened to members of the House of Representatives from across the aisle.

“I am appalled at their ignorance, belligerence, and dishonest rhetoric filled with empty emotional platitudes. Have they no shame in realizing that their inept, incompetent failures are the reason why we are debating this continuing resolution. They failed to pass a budget during the 111th Congress.

“Have they no honor in realizing that their fiscal irresponsibility over the past four years has resulted in our standing on the precipice of a fiscal canyon from which we may not recover.

“Also troubling are the events in the state of Wisconsin which mirror those that happened in Greece several months ago. We are witnessing the abject hostility of a unionized entitlement class that is being lauded by the liberal left, seemingly to include our President.

“It is such a critical time for our Republic, yet there seems no visionary leadership — it is as if America stopped producing adults. I have never seen a greater assembly of petulance and sophomoric behavior as what I have witnessed this week on the floor of the House of Representatives.

“To those across the aisle, please explain to the American people how your economic policies have created a better environment for long-term sustainable growth.

“This debate is about jobs and the economy.

“It begins with remedying the spending problem on Capitol Hill. It includes tackling the burdensome taxation and regulation policies strangling our country. It is the understanding that Keynesian tax and spend policies did not grow America’s economy, but the indomitable, entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.

“Government sets the conditions for job and economic growth, it does not create jobs.

“I am pleased that we are having open debate in the peoples’ house. However, there is clearly something lacking in this discourse — the recognition of the failure of the bureaucratic nanny-state liberal policies.

“Rest assured that I will do everything in my ability to stand firm and lead on the principles that make America exceptional.”

Blog author's comments - The more I hear what Allen West says and believes gives me some hope for the future.

I admire him more every time I hear him or read his views on what is wrong with our country and what should be done to remedy the problems. He does not run around an issue, but goes straight to the heart of the problem without being overbearing. I feel that what he says he truly believes.

He seems to me to have all the qualities of the person which America needs to guide us out of the turmoil we now find ourselves. Rep. West is sounding more presidential ever day. Too bad Allen West is not running for president in 2012.

With regard to the fiasco which we are witnessing in the state of Wisconsin -- we should clearly understand the entitlement mentality of the workers who are protected by a union. This has gone on far too long in every state and it's not only the teachers union but many more who work as state, city and county employees.

The private sector people are continually asked to subsidize the public sector union workers. State and city governments cannot print money as the federal government is doing. They must either stick to a budget of what the state or city can afford or raise taxes on private sector businesses and employees. This has to stop!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

RINO's Continue To Cave On Federal Spending

Conservative budget amendment fails
House amid fissure among Republicans

washington post - A conservative budget proposal that would have cut an additional $22 billion across federal agencies on top of the $61 billion in cuts already proposed by House Republicans failed the House Friday amid sharp disagreements among Republicans over just how far Congress should go in seeking to rein in federal spending.

More than 90 Republicans voted against the amendment, sponsored by Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (Ohio).

The final 147 to 281 vote saw members of the House Republican leadership splitting their votes, with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) voting against the measure and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (Wis.) and Republican Caucus Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Texas) voting in favor.

The measure would have achieved its $22 billion in additional cuts by making trims of 11 percent across the legislative branch and of 5.5 percent to all other non-security accounts, not including U.S. aid to Israel.

The opposition to the RSC amendment was striking in light of the emphasis House Republicans have given to making deep cuts to federal spending in the wake of their victory in the November midterms. - Continue reading > >

Blog author's comments - The Republican members who voted against an additional $22 billion in cuts which Levin called “a spit in a bucket”, have shown us who they are and what they stand for.

We will never accomplish what must be done to salvage our country, with these people as members of the House of Representatives. All that work for the huge conservative victory in November meant nothing to these spineless members of the GOP.

Unlike the Democrats who stick together to accomplish their goals, ninety RINO's refused to take a hard stand and show both the Democrats and the voters that they are worthy of office and another big victory in 2012.

The country is at a tipping point which many members of the 'unwashed masses' know. If these representatives refuse to play hardball politics they should be removed from office. They don't deserve to be there.

Again this is an utter failure of the GOP leadership. The 'RINO's can't hide anymore. There are many more people who are involved and tuned in to the political climate in Washington and also at state levels. The Tea Party movement has been a great success and will continue their tireless work for the good of the country.

Many Republicans simply ignored what we told them loud and clear last November. Our boat is swamped and they had a chance to bailout a thimble full or two and they would not do it.

There are few politicians that serve in the best interests of the country. Maybe after a complete meltdown, these people will realize that this deficit spending is not sustainable.

video via:HAP

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Protests Backed By Obama

[ Click Image to Enlarge ]

Rush Limbaugh On Wisconsin Protests - DNC and OFA

Blog author's comments - I am wondering how many people, across the country, graduated from college this past year or last year with a degree in Elementary or Secondary Education and are looking for a job.

I am sure there will be enough people to fill the positions that will soon be vacant, if schools continue to be shut down, and sick days run out for all these "dedicated-to-the-kids" teachers, who are protesting.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stands firm against the Obama backed unions. Our president has sided with the uncivil union mob. I would have to guess that many of the "protesters" are not teachers and don't live in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin protesters whine about what they want. It's not about their wants; it's about what the state can afford.

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Treasury Secretary - Budget "Unsustainable"

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admitted under questioning from Sen. Sessions that the president’s budget calls for interest payments and obligations that are “excessively high” and “unsustainable.”

Blog author's comments - Do you think Geithner meant to admit that the President's budget with the interest payments and obligations is "unsustainable"?

Obama has and continues to bury us under a mountain of debt from which we will never recover.

I don't believe most people pay attention to what happens in Washington. The numbers are staggering and most folks don't comprehend when they hear talk about U.S. debt of billions and trillions of dollars. It gives them a headache so they try not to think about it and hope that someone will make it go away.

As long as Obama and the Democrat Party is in control the dire situation will only become worse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Record Deficit - Remove Obama In 2012 - Do It!

Red Ink Since Dems Tool Over Congress
Greater Than All Previous Deficits Combined

newsbusters - The 2011 budget shortfall, which is the responsibility of the previous Congress, is now projected to be $1.65 trillion.

If accurate, this means that since the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, we have posted over $5 trillion in deficits.

For the record, that's more combined non-inflation-adjusted red ink than the United States of America had created in all of the years of its existence prior to that point.

In just four years, the Democrats recorded combined deficits greater than what had been posted in the prior 220.

Of course, it's all George W. Bush's fault.

As a post facto aside, it would be more statistically significant to do such an analysis using constant dollars, but this was done to raise a point.

For instance, from what I can calculate, our nation's greatest inflation-adjusted budget deficit prior to 2009 was 1943's $55 billion. In 2010 dollars, that would be $693 billion.

So there we were in the Great Depression as well as in the middle of WWII, and we actually had a budget deficit almost $1 trillion less than what we're going to produce in 2011.

Quite an eye-opener, don't you think?

So too are the spending comparisons between then and now. In 1945, our total outlays were $93 billion. That's $1.1 trillion in today's dollars.

In 2011, we're projected to spend over $3.8 trillion, or almost four times what we did in the final year of WWII after adjusting for inflation.

And much of the Left thinks we're not spending enough!

Blog author's comments - These numbers are stunning but apparently not to Obama. He and the Democrats were trying to spend their way out of the recession!

As the author of the column points out, the left is still saying this is all George W. Bush's fault! Obama just delivered his budget to Congress. There is no way this debt will ever be paid off, it's not going to happen.

Republicans/Conservatives need to cite these figures whenever a liberal blames President Bush for the spending and deficit. Tell them that it isn't the President that does the spending, it's Congress! Who held power from Jan 2007 - Jan 2011? It wasn't the Republicans.

We need to cut one trillion dollars from the budget. Nothing less will make any difference. We need to eliminate entire departments. Let's start with the following: EDUCATION, HHS, LABOR, HUD, EPA, BIA and defund Obamacare. That will get us closer to a balanced budget.

Obama gave a speech and talked about "living within their means" after everything he and the Democrats have done the last two years.

Obama is well on his 'planned' way to accomplish his "change" which is the destruction of the United States and to form it into what he thinks it should be. This is not the America I want. How much longer can we allow this person to occupy the White House?

This is why I will repeat, Barack Hussein Obama must be defeated in 2012. This is the most important election for this country ever!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Slapdown By Niall Ferguson On An MSNBCer

Mubarak Is Gone, Should Obama Receive Credit?

Blog author's comments - Mika Brzezinski is the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” She is giving Obama credit for the departure of Mubarak. Niall Ferguson schooled her on Obama's activity concerning Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.

As always the MSM attempts to prop up Barack Obama by giving him credit for the departure of Mubarak, but what happens next? If and when Egypt is taken over by the Muslims will Obama take credit for that?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rep. Allen West At CPAC

Allen West closes CPAC promising 'new dawn in America'

The Hill - Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) gave a speech to close this year's Conservative Political Action Conference that earned a more enthusiastic reaction from conservative activists than those given by most rumored 2012 presidential hopefuls over the past three days.

The first-term congressman brought the audience to its feet several times late Saturday, repudiating President Obama's social and economic policies and promising "a new dawn in America."

West took the coveted speaking slot that was rejected by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who declined to attend CPAC for the fourth straight year.

West, who represents a district that voted for President Obama in 2008 and Sen. John Kerry in 2004, will be a top Democratic target next year and opened his speech by noting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already run a radio ad in his district.

West told the crowd that despite what the "liberal media" might say about his electoral vulnerability in 2012, "standing here before each and every one of you, I don't feel so vulnerable, do I."

West, who touted efforts by House Republicans to push for some $100 billion in spending cuts, offered a closing keynote that was chock full of red meat for the base.

West said now is the time to reform the tax code, lower taxes on business, eliminate the capital gains tax and fight for the adoption of a Constitutional balanced budget amendment.

"I say we start looking at every government agency and program that's been created in the last ten years, and let's start making some hard choices," said West, who received a loud cheer when he singled out the Environmental Protection Agency.

He said "liberal progressivism" has failed all over the world and he devoted a sizable portion of his speech to social issues, emphasizing his opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

"If you break down the American family, that leads to government dependency," said West.

On abortion, he said, "I do not believe having a baby is punishment."

West spoke of Friday's "historic moment" in Egypt with the resignation of longtime President Hosni Mubarak, but he held up the Iranian revolution as a cautionary tale and recalled the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

"History has a way of teaching you a very bad lesson if we don't listen," he said.

[ Allen West speech at CPAC ]

(Keynote Speech - part 1)

(Keynote Speech - part 2)

(Keynote Speech - part 3)

Blog author's comments - Allen West is a bright, articulate person who I believe will do his best to deliver what he says he will do. We need dozens of people like Allen West in Congress!

West is a conservative, principled man whom I support. He stands against the same old, tired clich├ęs of the liberals. Too bad he is not running for President in 2012. West is a true American patriot. He understands the issues concerning Americans and will represent Florida and the United States in a very responsible fashion.

I do hope that Mr. West has a long productive political career. Because he is a true conservative the left will do whatever they can in an attempt to remove him from office. The liberals are afraid of him.

Now is the time for the Republicans to stand together. Their main goal is to defeat Obama in 2012.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Technology For Airline Security

[ Click Image To Enlarge ] - Privacy-mongers, rejoice! The Transportation Security Administration, having been hammered by the public for their use of body imaging, is field testing a new technology that will hopefully keep your unmentionables where they belong: out of sight, and out of the hands of strangers.

The software, called Automatic Target Recognition, or ATR, displays only a generic stick-figure image, rather than the actual outline of the traveler being screened. And instead of a security officer in another room looking at the image — a step TSA took before to make sure no one was feeling ogled — the passenger can check out the cartoonish abstraction alongside the security officer at the checkpoint.

An image only pops up if there's something unusual detected on the body — otherwise there's just a big green screen that says “OK” — and said anomalous area is highlighted on the stick-figure.

The technology was first tested at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, starting Feb. 1, and has since been expanded to two others: Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International.

Should field testing go well over the next few months, Pistole says, the change could be a universal one. The method, of course, is still not foolproof, but the level of security is theoretically equal to the current imaging machines.

Blog author's comments - TSA Spokesperson James Fotenos has said that TSA is testing the new technology "which would transmit images only when an alarm is triggered." TSA sees this new technology as a viable option for the future.

Privacy concerns have been raised about the current scanners as well as fears of radiation exposure.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Editorial Cartoons By Michael Ramirez

Latest Editorial Cartoons - Michael Ramirez

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Blog author's comments - Michael Ramirez is a two-time winner of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1994 and 2008, and a three-time Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalism Award winner.

Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow, an honorary member of Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society, and has won almost every journalism award in addition to the prestigious UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the 2005 National Journalism Award, the 2008 Fischetti Award and The H. L. Mencken Award.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arizona Declares War - Suing Obama Regime

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Files Lawsuit Against Obama
Administration Over Failure to Secure Border
And Enforce Immigration Laws

Governor Jan Brewer has announced on behalf of the State of Arizona, she is suing the Federal Government.

There are 5 counts and here is a summary from the press conference.

1/ failure to achieve operational control over the Mexico/Arizona border.

2/ failure to protect Arizona from invasion and Arizona says invasion not just limited to other countries to invade but applies to people and secured border.

3 / failure to enforce immigration laws . . . . and their failure causes national security risks . . . abuse of discretion that Fed only enforce the law they want to and they should enforce all.

4/ declaratory relief about reimbursement for Fed govt’s failure to pay for incarceration of prisoners (illegal).

5/ under 10th amendment . . . powers not delegated to the Fed, are reserved to the people and while control of border is fed responsibility, when criminals cross border illegally and commit crimes, it is a state responsibility and the Feds are interfering with the state to fulfill its responsibilities

Blog author's comments - Every state should join this lawsuit. We the people of the United States of America have the right to have our borders and our laws respected and enforced.

Citizens of other countries who are in our country illegally have no right to demand anything from our government. If they want to be Americans, we have a path to citizenship; just follow the rules that are in place.

I don't want to hear anything or anyone talk about amnesty for the illegals, they are breaking the law period! Those who want to enforce the law to protect their states and their people are stopped from doing so by Barack Obama, Eric Holder and left-wing judges. Obama sees illegals as future votes for the Democrat Party.

We need to insist on the equal protection, application and enforcement of the law. We can only function if everyone follows the same rules. We should not change the laws to accommodate those breaking them.

h/t: gretawire

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Barack Obama - The Complete Disaster

Obama during the interview with Bill O'Reilly:
"Over the First Two Years of My Presidency
We Had a Complete Disaster"

Blog author's comments - Finally - he has said something I can agree with. No argument with that statement Obama, you have been a complete disaster.

We will do our best to see that you vacate the White House in 2012. Does he know or care that he is the disaster?

video: gwp

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MSNBC's Matthews - Palin Derangement Syndrome

Chris Matthews: 'Palin's Talking to People Who Don't Read Newspapers or Watch Serious TV Shows Like Mine'

On Monday's "Hardball," the MSNBCer actually said, "I think Sarah Palin's talking to people who don't read newspapers, don't pay attention to serious television broadcasts, whether the Lehrer Hour or anything like it or even this program".

MATTHEWS: Do you know what I think she’s doing? I don't think she is a thoughtful politician. I think she's talking to people who don't read newspapers, don't pay attention to serious television broadcasts, whether the Lehrer Hour or anything like it or even this program, don’t pay attention to anything that’s even in the middle, who don’t have any effort at all to learn anything, believe her when she says they're keeping the truth from us when the people who believe her are making absolutely no effort to find out what the truth is. So they’re willing to believe it’s somebody else’s fault. She’s in an interesting little game she plays with people.

Blog author's comments - Amusing, Matthews actually believes he has a serious television news show. It's Sarah Palin's fault nobody watches him?

Matthews show is one of the lowest in the ratings. MSNBC cannot be taken seriously. Shortly after Comcast purchased MSNBC they bounced Keith Olbermann and I would think there will be a few more going out the door.

Notice when Matthews talks so fast he spits, the spitting gets worse when he mentions Palin or Beck.

Imagine that, Palin's supporters are basically illiterates that don't learn anything and are making absolutely no effort to find out what the truth is by watching shows like Matthews.

h/t: newsbusters

Monday, February 7, 2011

Liberals Compare Tea Party to Muslim Brotherhood

Tea Party Movement vs. Muslim Brotherhood

Lefty Protester: Tea Party "More Dangerous"
Than the Muslim Brotherhood

Left-Wing Caller to the Michal Savage Show:
"The Muslim Brotherhood Has Been Suppressed"

Blog author's comments - Not much for me to say. There are many of these liberal/progressive fanatics who walk among us and some of them vote. Their numbers seem to be growing.

We need to take back our country and the first job which needs to be accomplished is to remove Barack Obama from the White House.

Obama's government continues to govern against the will of a majority of the American people. The election of 2012 could well be the most important presidential election ever for the U.S.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obama Has Our Country On 'Road To Ruin'

Palin Says Obama's Policies Have U.S. On Road To Ruin

Reuters - Republican Sarah Palin said on Friday an explosion of government spending and debt under President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats had put the United States on "the road to ruin."

In a tribute to former President Ronald Reagan, the potential 2012 White House contender said leaders in Washington had lost sight of the values that made Reagan a Republican icon and a hero to conservatives -- a belief in limited government, low taxes and personal freedoms.

"This is not the road to national greatness, it is the road to ruin," Palin said of the growth in government spending, budget deficits, joblessness and housing foreclosures under Obama. "The federal government is spending too much, borrowing too much, growing and controlling too much," she said.

Palin said Obama had revived the era of big government, and she ridiculed the infrastructure spending and investment he outlined in his recent State of the Union speech.

"The only thing these investments will get us is a bullet train to bankruptcy," the 2008 VP candidate said in a speech at the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California, marking the late president's 100th birthday. - Entire column > >

Blog author's comments - Ronald Reagan served two terms as president and his belief in limited government, reduced taxes and military strength should be the main political focus of the Republican Party.

His legacy gained new momentum in the last year with the growth of the conservative Tea Party movement, which has focused on a push for limited government and reduced government spending. These are also the principles Sarah Palin stands for.

Unlike many politicians who try to be all things to all people, I think Palin makes it clear where she stands. It’s easier for me to respect someone who is genuine.

I met Sarah Palin in October of 2008, just prior to the huge mistake which the majority in this country made by electing Barack Hussein Obama as President.

Since the 2008 campaign the left has had what's known as Palin derangement syndrome, which is the left-wings irrational hatred directed at her.

Many of the attacks can be described as vicious in the effort to take Palin down. She has not allowed this to affect her and is now a stronger savvier person, polished speaker and spokesperson for the GOP and Tea Party movement.

She has not said she will run for office and I question if she can defeat Obama in 2012, but she has the conservative standards I could support.

President Reagan would have been 100 today, February 6

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Charles Krauthammer - Al Gore & Global Warming

Charles Krauthammer: "If Godzilla Appeared on the
National Mall Al Gore Would Say It's Global Warming"

newsbusters - (From a discussion on PBS's "Inside Washington")

GORDON PETERSON, HOST: "It’s been a terrible winter. If global warming is the problem, why are we having such a tough winter? Well Al Gore told Gail Collins of the New York Times there’s about a four percent more water vapor in the air now in the atmosphere than there was in the ’70s because of warmer oceans and warmer air, and it returns to earth as heavy rain and heavy snow. That’s what Al Gore says"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: "Look, if Godzilla appeared on the Mall this afternoon, Al Gore would say it’s global warming"

Blog author's comments - “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” ~ William F. Buckley, Jr.

I have briefly attempted to talk with 'true believers' about 'global warming' and the record cold temperatures and snow. I tell them when I was a young person we called this 'winter'.

Having a discussion with a liberal 'warmer' about global warming is impossible. They have been convinced that what I refer to as a 'scam' is a scientifically proven fact that no one should question.

With Al Gore and the 'Boy Wonder' aka Barack Hussein Obama -- we have two of the biggest scammers ever inflicted on our country. What continues to amaze me is that so many people believe whatever they say.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl 2011 - Steelers vs. Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers

More Say Steelers Will Win Super Bowl Over Packers, 44% - 34% - The gambling odds makers have the Green Bay Packers as a slight favorite in this Sunday's Super Bowl, but by 44%-34% adults in a Zogby Interactive poll say the Pittsburgh Steelers will win the game. The rest, 23%, were not sure.

The interactive poll of 2,100 adults has a margin of error of +/-2.2%. A sampling of Zogby International's online panel, which is representative of the adult population of the U.S., was invited to participate. Slight weights were added to region, party, age, race, religion, gender, and education to more accurately reflect the population.

Blog author's comments - This year's match-up could make for an interesting game. If I were betting I believe I would have to put my money on the Steelers.

The Steelers team has players who have played in the big game before and have won two Super Bowls. This could make the difference in the outcome.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ann Coulter - Liberals & Guns

What Liberals Don't Know About Guns, Chapter 217

Fresh off of blaming Jared Loughner's killing spree in the Tucson mall on Sarah Palin, liberals are now blaming it on high-capacity magazines. They might as well imprison everyone named "Jared" to prevent a crime like this from ever happening again.

During the presidential campaign, Obama said: "I don't know of any self-respecting hunter that needs 19 rounds of anything. You don't shoot 19 rounds at a deer, and if you do, you shouldn't be hunting." It would have been more accurate for him to end that sentence after the word "hunter."

It's so adorable when people who wouldn't know a high-capacity magazine from Vanity Fair start telling gun owners what they should want and need.

In fact, high-capacity mags put a predator like Loughner at a disadvantage because they are so long, unwieldy and difficult to conceal. This may be why the Tucson shooting appears to be the first spree killing involving a high-capacity magazine. It would have been easier for Loughner to bring two guns.

On the other hand, for a homeowner who is a poor marksman, a large-capacity clip could be a lifesaver.

But after every multiple murder, liberals come up with some crackpot idea to "do something" that invariably involves infringing on some aspect of our Second Amendment rights.

The ACLU won't let us put nuts in mental hospitals and Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik wouldn't lock up Loughner even after he had broken the law several times.

In an open society that includes Sheriff Dumbnik and the ACLU, deranged individuals may explode into murder and mayhem now and then. The best we can do is enact policies that will reduce the death toll when these acts of carnage occur.

There's only one policy of any kind that has ever been shown to deter mass murder: concealed-carry laws. In a comprehensive study of all public, multiple-shooting incidents in America between 1977 and 1999, the highly regarded economists John Lott and Bill Landes found that concealed-carry laws were the only laws that had any beneficial effect.

And the effect was not small. States that allowed citizens to carry concealed handguns reduced multiple-shooting attacks by 60 percent and reduced the death and injury from these attacks by nearly 80 percent.

When there are no armed citizens to stop mass murderers, the killers are able to shoot unabated, even pausing to reload their weapons, until they get bored and stop. Some stop only when their trigger fingers develop carpal tunnel syndrome. - Continue reading > >

Blog author's comments - Guns in the hands of those who obey the law mean less crime and a safer community and country.

After the Tucson shooting the liberals as usual saw a crisis they did not want to waste and once again began talking about gun control.

Soon we will probably hear from Barack Obama with his list of items to chip away at the Second Amendment.

More Guns Equal Less Crime Across the USA: 2010
FBI Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report

[Click Image To Enlarge]

* Here's the obvious: If you're a criminal - do you break into a house where a little old lady will shoot you or where a helpless victim is easy prey?

* If you're a criminal - do you care anything about the law? Obviously not! Isn't it naive to believe criminals will follow gun control laws?

* Why have we let our government legislate us into becoming potential victims? Criminals have guns while law-abiding citizens are left helpless.

* Why should criminals carry guns while law-abiding citizens are prohibited?

* Why add more gun control laws when criminals clearly ignore existing gun control laws?

* Any gun control that restricts law-abiding citizens is ridiculous - we're not the people who commit crimes.

* More guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens will lower crime and make the world a better place.

* One more quick point: If gun control works - why is crime so high in Washington D.C.? After all, guns are barely allowed in D.C.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Michael Ramirez - Editorial Cartoons

A Few Of The Latest Cartoons By Michael Ramirez

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Blog author's comments - Michael Ramirez is my choice for the best Editorial Cartoonist. He seldom disappoints me.