Friday, April 30, 2010

Rep. Patrick Kennedy - Still Has Problems

Rep. Patrick Kennedy a Democrat from Rhode Island was seen recently in a Washington DC bar downing vodka shots shortly after speaking to a group which helps homeless women.
He supposedly also talked about his own struggle with substance abuse. Kennedy has struggled with substance abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction, since his teens. Last year he checked into a rehab center for help with his problems but apparently this did not do him much good.

Kennedy has said he would not seek re-election, and after he leaves office he wants to help people who deal with substance abuse. I believe he needs to conquer his own problems before he seeks to help others who have the same problems. With all the issues he has had he would no doubt be re-elected to office if he did choose to run. The Kennedy name seems to give them an automatic pass with the Democrat voters, regardless of their past history.

Ted Kennedy had no problems retaining office for decades, even after the incident at Chappaquiddick and the drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969 while a passenger in a car driven by Kennedy. Ted Kennedy was a senator for 47 years until his death in 2009.

(h/t AP)

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